After you have confirmed your tour by paying in full, we will connect you, if needed, with two shippers and give you a few other names you might consider.  The two shippers we connect you with directly are ones we really like and who our clients have had good experiences with in the past.  You will then communicate DIRECTLY with the shippers to decide which shipper YOU prefer – our job is liaise you with the shippers but your job is to choose the shipper you personally like and who has rates you’re interested in/services etc. 

The Antiques Diva & Co only recommends preferred shippers but we do not take liability for your shipment and you are welcome to choose any shipper you prefer.  All shippers will fully insure your purchase.  We simply tell you which shippers we’ve had good experience with in the past.  Your Diva guide will then help you shop for your inventory – your shipper will get you a shipping booklet and stickers/tags which your Diva Guide will adhere to each purchase to be collected and shipped. 

Each time you buy an item that you would like shipped home, your Diva Guide will help you write the information in your shipping booklet.  If you’re buying a furniture item many of the vendors will give you the option to pay the shipper for the purchase instead of paying them directly at the time of sale (many vendors only take cash and not  check or credit card so paying the shipper helps regarding the quantity of cash that is necessary for you to carry).  The smaller items should be paid in cash.  The shipper can be paid by bank transfer or credit card, though note that credit card normally adds an additional fee.