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Antiques Diva Shipping Liaison Information:

In addition to The Antiques Diva & Co in-house antiques shipping service, we are happy to liaise on your behalf with a preferred shipper suitable to your buying needs.

Antiques Diva & Co Shipping Liaison Service for clients either on an antiques shopping tour or using our Buying Services would include the following services:


Before Your Tour:

  • We will provide you with introductions to a selection of shippers we’ve worked with so that you may choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • After receiving our introductions you will decide upon a shipper if you do not already have one.
  • You are welcome to choose any shipper you want and are not limited by our introductions. There are certain companies we find more difficult to work with than others and will advise if you have selected a shipper who we do not recommend.
  • Once receiving your confirmation of which shipper you have chosen we will contact your shipper to secure the necessary documents for your tour and/or buying services. This includes purchase orders, tickets and labels.
  • Please inquire before your trip with your shipper how they prefer to be paid. (Not all shippers accept credit cards, many prefer bank transfers, so make sure to have arrangements in place before coming on tour or starting a buying service).
  • Each shipper will have different payment arrangements, however it is standard practice to transfer funds prior to your tour to cover anticipated purchases made on tour.
  • If you have not shipped before make sure you have discussed your end delivery arrangements with your shipper. You might want to discuss door-to-door shipping, port-only shipping or a suitable independent or shared location.
  • Your shipper will be happy to advise you on all details of the shipping process.
  • Antiques Diva & Co will be happy to help wherever we can but please bear in mind we are not qualified to offer expert advice on detailed export/import legislation and shipping information.  Questions are best directed to your chosen shipper.


During Your Tour:

  • On Tour we will write your purchase orders which generates an inventory number.
  • Each inventory # will be written on a sticker/tag and should be adhered onto the item purchased.  We find that if the client is buying on tour it is best for the client to tag their own purchases and take a photograph at the same time, ensuring they have appropriate records of their purchases.


Payment of Purchases:

After the shipper receives your purchase orders – if you have not already paid the vendors direct – the shipper will pay the vendors on your behalf by whichever method you have agreed in advance.


After Your Tour:

  • After your tour is complete, we will hand over the purchase orders and documentation to your shipper.
  • After receiving your purchase orders, your shipper will advise you of any extra arrangements that need to be put in place for your shipment, e.g.,  extra crating for fragile objects or documentation required for items that fall under CITES regulations.
  • At this point, after handing over the purchase orders, our shipping liaison responsibility officially ends. Typically this process takes up to 7 days to complete from tour end date.
  • Should you need additional liaison services after this period you can engage us on an hourly basis currently charged at 50 Euro per hour (or 40 GBP per hour).
  • For our Buying Services Clients, Shipping Liaison Services ends at the point where you instruct us that you are ready to ship. At that point, we will instruct the shipper that you have completed your last purchase order for this particular shipment and forward all the documents to them. After this time, we are able to offer our shipping liaison services as above at an hourly rate.


Payment of Shipping:

Your bill for shipping and payment arrangements for that invoice will be advised by your shipper.