To The Trade

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To The Trade European Antique Buying Tours:

We offer special “Trade-Only” Antique Buying Tours, oriented specifically for dealers and designers.  Each tour is custom-planned according to the type of inventory you are looking for.  We work with your schedule and budget to maximize your time in Europe.

For more information on Trade Only Antique Buying Services, please contact to create an account.

For When You Can’t Come Abroad to Source in Person We Offer European Antique Buying Services:

We offer Antique Buying Services for antique dealers and designers who cannot come abroad, but want to source antiques in Europe saving them time and money.  Whether you’re wanting to purchase inventory for your store or source pieces for an interior design project, we can help.

Here’s how buying services works:

  • We’ll ask you questions about what type of pieces you’re looking for (style, time period, size, price range), and then we utilize our relationships with vendors all over Europe to bring you photographs of pieces we recommend for you.
  • Once you review the photographs in your private online album, you tell us which pieces you want to buy, and we will get you the best trade price on these pieces.
  • We will also give you a list of preferred shippers if you do not have a shipper already.  While we don’t offer shipping services, we can help liaise with your chosen shipper to pick up your purchases and coordinate one shipping, which will save you money in the long haul.

For more information contact to discuss how we could give your company access to wholesale antiques sources in Europe.

Please email me directly at for specific details about our exciting “Trade-Only” tours, oriented specifically for Dealers and Designers.