Scandinavian Antique Buying Tours

We offer Scandinavian Antique Buying Tours for both the trade as well as private individuals, offering everything from a customized 1 day buying tour to a full on 4 day tour.  With access to wholesale sources we specialize in taking you off the beaten path to sources you would never find on your own.  We plan your itinerary, escort you in our private car, translate and negotiate on your behalf as well as explain historical details and important facts about the pieces you are buying. Each tour is customized according to your travel dates and shopping list.  Most importantly we help you navigate the murky international waters for exporting Swedish antiques, liaising you with international shippers and helping to secure appropriate customs documentation from vendors and filling out your customs paperwork so you can bring your purchases home sweet home across the pond.

With our company you can book Scandinavian Antiquing Tours in:

- NEW! Stockholm
- Copenhagen
- Helsingborg
- Southern Sweden
- Swedish Countryside
- Wholesale/Warehouse Tours

To book or get more information about the different tours in Sweden,  email [email protected] or fill out our booking form on the sidebar.

Antiques Diva Scandinavia Tour

Antiques Diva Scandinavia Tour