Germany Tours Overview

With more flea markets than any other city in Europe, shopping in Berlin is a dream come true!  Add to a plethora of markets and antique shops the fact that Berlin offers the lowest cost of living in Western Europe and you’ll discover that bargains abound in Berlin!

Available Tours include (see detailed descriptions below):
Berlin Flea Markets
 -  Vintage Fur Shopping in Berlin
 -  Vintage Clothing Shopping
 -  Antique Stores of Berlin
 -  Multi-Day Tour Itineraries

Read what award-winning author Vicki Archer has to say in her blog, French Essence, on Vintage Shopping in Berlin with The Antiques Diva® & Co.

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Berlin Flea Markets Tour

Available Saturday and Sunday

With more flea markets than any other city in Europe, shopping in Berlin is The Antiques Diva’s® & Co’s dream come true.  Add to a plethora of markets and antique shops, the fact that Berlin offers the lowest cost of living in Western Europe and you’ll discover that in Berlin bargains abound.  And where low-cost of living exists, inevitably artists follow, making Berlin Europe’s art capital and adding a vibrance and avant garde attitude to this reunited city.   One mustn’t forget that the Berlin you see today was in the not-so-distant past two cities and this new city is enormous, spread over an area equal to the entire size of Rhode Island or 10 times the size of Paris proper.  Needless to say, navigating the city, knowing where to go, and maximizing your transition time is of upmost priority on Antiques Diva® & Co Tours.  On this Antiques Diva® & Co Tour we’ll take you from East to West, evaluating your flea market needs on the spot, picking and choosing which flea market will best suit your shopping desires.  Whether we’re in West Berlin shopping in Schöneberg or  Charlottenburg or going East to Mitte, P-berg, Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg, on our tours we personalize your experience to take your tastes into consideration.  Last but not least, one mustn’t forget Berlin’s pièce de résistance, the Berliner Trödelmarkt on the famous Straße des 17. Juni.  This flea market has the best selection – not only in Berlin, but all of Germany!

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Vintage Fur in Berlin

Available Saturdays and Sunday 10am – 5pm

Book a full day tour devoted to vintage fur shopping in Berlin.  Find full-length minks in mint condition for well under a 1000 Euro, short-sheered beavers for a couple hundred or pick up vintage fur stoles for a steal at price points as low as 20E+.  Snag sensational fur hats for the price of enjoying tea in one of Berlin’s Russian tea rooms.  Berlin is busting with vintage furs – and while we wouldn’t dream of buying a new fur coat and propagating the current supply chain, we’re gaga over vintage fur! 

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Vintage Clothing Shopping in Berlin

Available Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm

Berlin is funky and fun and oh so edgy! If you like vintage fashion then this is the city for you to devote a day to exploring Berlin’s Vintage Fashion!  Shopping our way from East to West Berlin, we’ll hit some secret sources in Berlin’s best neighborhood – Mitte, stopping by the uber hip Hackescher Hof – before heading downtown to the bohemian Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg  districts and then popping back for a little upscale vintage and antique clothing sources in Charlottenburg!  In the middle of it all, after visiting a vintage clothing shop where the price of your purchase depends upon the kilos of the clothes, we’ll lunch on ethnic food – a Berliner’s favorite way to dine!

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Antique Stores in Berlin

Available Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

Explore the treasures of the German capital shopping Berlin’s antique districts sashaying into a slew of interesting antique shops specializing in everything from turn of the century travel paraphernalia to antique glassware and Art Deco.  Rubies and garnets glisten in shop windows and interesting antique apothecary supplies attract the eye.  Explore quirky finds, old theater props, ephemera, vintage linens, lace porcelain, silver in more in this tour!


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Multi-Day Berlin Tour + Poland

Available Wednesday – Sunday (5 Days/4 Nights)

If destinations reveal themselves through retail, then Berlin is a cornucopia of all that is chic, chocked full of antiques, vintage goods and diva-worthy dining destinations!  On this 3 day/2 night Antiques Diva® & Co Tour of Berlin, we’ll stop and shop til we drop and do some diva dining while we’re at it.   You’ll join the “ladies who lunch” at Berlin’s only 2 star Michelin restaurant and then we’ll follow The Antiques Diva® as she teaches us all there is to know about German antiques, visiting a variety of antique shops and flea markets uniting this once divided city.  We’ll also discuss diva-entertaining when we join Berlin’s premier caterer “Chef in Berlin”  for a cookery demonstration in The Antiques Diva’s own kitchen! We’ll don an apron with our pearls and learn to make some German classics and then dine casually chez diva in an apartment a stone’s throw from Brandenburg Gate.  While on another night dine high in the sky, overlooking the city in East Berlin’s hippest resto/bar!  Before jetting home, we’ll take time to visit some of Berlin’s most famous sites seeing Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Memorial and the German Parliament building.  Then it’s time to pack our passports as we drive to Poland for a day to tour the Polish pottery factories!