Holland Tours Overview

Holland is home to more by-appointment only antique shops than any other country in Europe. Knowing which doorbell to ring in Amsterdam and The Hague gains you access to private antique stores only locals usually know about.  Crawl past countless canals and into hidden courtyards, shopping for everything from  antique mirrors to armoires, fine paintings and Delft to Art Deco diamonds.  Meander into the Dutch countryside, cruising down the Vecht to enjoy fairy-tale villages, architectural salvage stores and oh so much more!  Optional excursion takes you to Dutch cheese farms and into countless windmills!

Available Tours include (see detailed descriptions below):
 -  Antique Shopping in Amsterdam
 -  Antiques Market and Antiques Boutiques Tour of The Hague
 -  Het Gooi & Vecht Area
 -  Custom-Made and Multi-Day Tours

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Antique Shopping in Amsterdam

Available Thursday through Saturday

Tour Amsterdam Diva Style, discovering the best antique shops in Amsterdam with an Antiques Diva® & Co Guide.   We’ll start the day at the Café Americain in the famed art-deco hotel on the Leidseplein and then we’ll visit the Museum District! But rather than seeing some Van Gogh’s and Rembrandts, we’ll do some cultural cruising, looking at art and antiques in Holland’s most famous antiques district – the Spiegelkwartier –  just opposite the Rijksmuseum!  My theory is why visit the museum when you can instead shop nearby, purchasing museum-quality pieces that you can bring home with you? We’ll learn the history on certain period pieces, discuss bargaining tactics and point out the best places to drop your dough  – simply put, we’ll exhaust the Spiegelkwartier and they’ll never know what hit them.  But that’s not all, we’ll also visit an indoor antiques mall where you’re practically guaranteed to go home with something sensational in hand. On tour we’ll visit everything from high-end, high-sheen sensational antique shops to beautiful, budget-conscious bric-a-brac shops. 

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Antiques Market and Antiques Boutiques Tour of The Hague

Available Thursday – Saturday

While Amsterdam is charming, The Hague is downright cosmopolitan and feels oh so European.  In The Antiques Diva® & Co’s opinion, it is the best shopping city in Holland – with the best stores and the best selection! Visit this international city where antiques, vintage & home décor shops and art galleries prove that the Dutch seafaring past has brought home a world of treasures!  We meet inside the posh hotel lobby of the Hotel des Indes for a behind-the-scenes tour while The Diva shares Dutch antique shopping secrets and gives out some secret Diva Take-Home Resources, clueing you in to other addresses and antique locations you need to know. Then we’ll meander the town, antique shopping Den Haag style.  We’ll discuss pricing, the art of bargaining, and decorative ideas that are downright  “gezillig”.  We’ll stroll the Frederikstraat & Denneweg, popping into home decorating, antique and fabric stores.  Shopping with The Antiques Diva® & Co is like shopping with your best friend and interior decorator all tied up in one.  When the season is right, we’ll visit the best flea market in all of Holland - right in downtown Den Haag on the Lange Voorhout. 


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Het Gooi & Vecht Area

Available Thursday – Saturday

Known as “THE place to live in Holland”, Het Gooi is chic, chic, chic!  So much so that the Dutch have even named a popular TV series after “the ladies who lunch” in this area.  It stands to reason that in the region where the rich & famous live, there would be some incredible home decor and antique stores to help the residents fill their Vecht mansions.  But don’t assume it is all high-end, high-euro items – The Antiques Diva® & Co has got addresses to fit every end of the budget!

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Custom-Made and Multi-Day Holland Tours

Available Upon Request

Antique Dealers and mere shopping mortals with serious lists of treasures that they’re searching for should consider our Custom-Made Diva Tours whereby we create customized itineraries for one-day and multi-day antique shopping tours based upon your shopping list and diva-desires. Searching for antique Delft, antique glassware, religious relics, a particular period of furniture, or certain style of pottery or linens? Then let us cull our resources and create an itinerary, which we pre-shop and pre-source a slew of options fit for a diva. You give us your shopping list, plus a list of your hobbies and interests and we choreograph a tour suited to your taste buds! Speaking of which, on multi-day tours why not let us coordinate special Diva Excursions to a slew of secret sources to help you explore Holland like you’ve never seen it before!  You’ll dine on everything from Dutch pancakes to organic cuisine whilst spending your days visiting private dealers, whose shops are not listed in the yellow pages.  Join us fast and furious 1 Day Custom Made Tour or better yet, try your luck with a Multi-Day Diva Extravaganza as we take you by the hand for a whirlwind couple of days shopping at our favorite Dutch sources!