Design and Antiques Shopping in Rome with The Antiques Diva

Design and Antiques Shopping in Rome with Antiques Diva Guide Désirée | Tom Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva

Ciao, Bella! Today Antiques Diva Guide Désirée is taking us antiques shopping in Rome! Whether you’re shopping for vintage fashion, antiques or seeking design inspiration, Italian design is guaranteed to deliver! From dodging Vespa’s in the hustle and bustle of Roman and Renaissance cities to cruising the softly undulating hills of the Tuscan countryside, Italy is brimming treasures just waiting to be uncovered. This is the perfect country to plan a multi-day, bespoke Italy antique tour, going from Rome to Milan to Florence to Venice to Siena or a hilltop village in between; finding the best prices on mid-century pieces, contemporary ceramics and glass and a gorgeous selection of rustic farmhouse and more traditional antiques. Our Italy Antiques Diva Guide will take the guesswork out of where to go, creating well-researched itineraries for you, as she picks you up from your hotel and escorts you through this enchanting nation, translating and negotiating on your behalf the entire time. Because our guides are locals, they have relationships with vendors and know exactly where to take you based on your style and budget, maximizing your time and money while on tour. Today, Rome Antiques Diva Guide Désirée is taking us behind-the-scenes on a recent tour. 

In September I met with a Diva client; a mother-daughter duo, who work in the interior design industry. They travel, they speak a few words of Italian, and they certainly know how to shop. They were funny and clever and had the loveliest relationship full of warmth and humor.


So why did these women need a Diva Guide to shop while traveling abroad?


As with all things in Italy, shopping and shipping is all about who you know.


Antiques Shopping in Rome with The Antiques Diva | Toma Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva
As The Antiques Diva Guide in Rome, Italy, I find the most important part of my job is that I represent the client before and after they arrive, building relationships with the shop owners so that they are willing to help us get the best price and service on amazing items.


There are shops in Rome that cater to international clientele, regularly ship internationally, and may speak passable English – but they are no secret, and their prices and attitudes often reflect that.


Diva Guides take you to the shops for the local people. The language used will only be Italian and possibly dialect. They COULD ship something for you – but maybe they have never shipped internationally before. This is where we come in.
Antique Inspiration in Roma | Toma Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva
You fly into Rome, eat the carbonara, walk the cobblestone streets from fountain to ancient fountain and one afternoon we meet. We drink prosecco and jump in a taxi and wander through various markets, warehouses and shops finding treasures. When we part – you keep enjoying the wonders of Italy – and the Diva Guide takes over, making sure your treasures arrive to you as soon as possible.
Cheers! To Shopping in Rome with The Antiques Diva!
Cheers! To Shopping in Rome with The Antiques Diva! 
My clients were very happy to have their purchases arrive to another continent. They can not only share the beauty of their discoveries but now have insider travel experiences to add a bit of sparkle to the stories they represent.
From Rome, Italy to South Carolina, USA the Diva delivers.


Rome Local Expert & Antiques Diva Guide Désirée Marie Townley 
Désirée Marie Townley | Rome Diva Guide | The Antiques Diva





Toma, The Antiques Diva 


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Author: Désirée Marie Townley

Désirée is our Antiques Diva Guide in Rome. Costume designer, makeup artist, vintage fashion expert and author of the design blog The Cut and The Cloth, American-born Désirée lives in Rome, Italy. She started working as a costumer and makeup artist in the opera and theater industry after receiving her degree in dance she began traveling the world, seeking out artists and craftspeople to understand new cultures. Her eye for design, background in fashion and global perspective provide Désirée an insider’s knowledge for sourcing vintage fashion and antiques.