CHARM OF european antiques 

If France were the world, and antique buyers were the sun, then buying patterns revolve around French finery as if one of the Louis' cast a spell to draw future generations towards the republic. Just as modern day, in the days of yore, #GlobalDesignInspiration dictated home fashion. The bourgeoise wanted to keep up with the aristocracy, and the styles of the kings trickled down to countryside. When King Gustaf visited from Sweden he was so inspired by Versailles, he sent his craftsmen to create their version of the Louis 16th furniture - creating a style today known as Gustavian.  Everyone was influencing everyone else. The Brits were traveling the world with their Grand Tour and word of what was happening in the world of interiors spread like wildfire. Meanwhile the Dutch had discovered their own recipe for porcelain and began copying the Chinese, and the Spanish Occupation of Flanders influenced an entire period of Flemish antiques.  Each generation has been influenced by the one before and with a rich cultural heritage so intertwined, there is no place better on earth to shop for antiques that in Europe.

While everything we do is customized, please click on a location below to learn about the types of tours we offer our clients.



Antiquing in France is an art in itself. Speaking the language and knowing the local lifestyle help when perusing Paris or the French countryside for antiques. You tell us what you’re looking for and our antiques shopping guides customize plan a route just for you. They pick you up at your hotel and take you to our favorite sources. They translate and negotiate maximizing your time and money. Whether you’re shopping the Paris Flea Market or going further afield in Provence, Bordeaux or the North of France, our guides have relationships with the best French antique dealers. We offer tours for both tourists and the trade.


England could be considered the one-stop-shop for antiques as it is a global melting pot. If you’re looking for a wide range of styles at affordable price points England is the place to go. We offer tours for both tourists and the trade, from hitting the back roads of London to our secret sources off the beaten path in the English countryside, The Antiques Diva & Co custom plans tours for each client, taking into account their style and budget.


From dodging Vespa’s in the hustle and bustle of the Roman and Renaissance cities to cruising the softly undulating hills of the Tuscan countryside, Italy is brimming treasures just waiting to be uncovered.  This is the perfect country to plan multi-day, bespoke tours, going from Milan to Florence to Siena or a hilltop village in between, finding the best prices on mid-century pieces, contemporary ceramics and glass to a gorgeous selection of rustic farmhouse and more traditional antiques.  Our Italy antiques tours Diva Guide will take the guesswork out of where to go, creating well-researched itineraries for you, translating and negotiating on your behalf the entire time.


Buy where others don’t buy! When it comes to antiques, Berlin is probably Europe’s best-kept secret. Though one of the hottest spot on the map for tourists… big buyers forget Berlin exists when it comes to stocking their stores. With a fast-growing number of antique and modern furniture shops and more flea markets than any other city in Europe, it’s time to put the artsy German capital on the map for international buyers seeking antiques and vintage! Wanting mid-century modern – but don’t want to pay Danish or Italian prices? Double Check. Again Berlin is the answer. 


Serious shoppers in-the-know go to Belgium to buy antiques, vintage and decorator pieces at positively brilliant prices. On a Diva Buying Tour, our local Belgium Antiques Tours Guides take you to our favorite sources including European antique warehouses and by-appointment-only secret antique shops off the beaten path, all the while translating and negotiating on your behalf. From classic French furniture to tabletop items and smalls, Belgium offers a variety of French flea market pieces for the antiques lover.


The Netherlands is home to more by-appointment-only antique shops than any other country in Europe. Knowing which doorbell to ring in Holland gains you access to the best private antique stores. We’ll take you into hidden courtyards, shopping for everything from antique mirrors to armoires, fine paintings and Delft to Art Deco diamonds. Meander into the Dutch countryside enjoying fairy-tale villages, antiques wholesale warehouses, a slew of small vendors, architectural salvage stores and oh so much more!


We offer Denmark and Sweden antiques tours for the trade as well as private individuals, offering everything from a customized 1 day buying tour to a full-on 4-day tour. With access to wholesale sources our Sweden antiques tours and Denmark antiques tours specialize in taking you off the beaten path down pine tree lined lanes to sources you would never find on your own. We custom plan your itinerary, escort you in our private car, translate and negotiate on your behalf as well as explain historical details and important facts about the pieces you are buying. Most importantly we help you navigate the murky international waters for exporting Swedish antiques, liaising you with international shippers and helping to secure appropriate customs documentation from vendors. Your local Sweden and Denmark antiques tours guide helps with filling out your customs paperwork so you can bring your purchases home sweet home across the pond.

Whether you’re looking to buy one specific piece or wanting to fill an entire container,

our personal shopping antique buying guides share their vast knowledge of secret sources to take you to all the right places.