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Our Antiques Diva Antiques Dealer Mentoring Program is not just for new or nearly new antiques dealers - we also work with established and long-term antiques dealers who recognize the need to adapt their business to the changing landscape of antiques. Our program is individually tailored to meet your needs wherever you are in the process. Your antiques business means staying on top of evolving interior design trends and marketing channels to refine your brand, find your niche and differentiate yourself from competitors.

The question you need to ask is - where are you missing sales? Are there new markets you want to tap into and don’t know how? Or are there fresh marketing strategies you haven’t considered - we work with you to evaluate your current business and identify areas for growth opportunities and create a targeted actionable plan. The foundation of a successful business is having a plan in place - and a vision for where you want to go.

We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and help you identify red flags in your business. We consider what’s working and what’s not. And look into the WHY they are not working and what the options are to do about it. You might think this is an unnecessary step. But the key to running a successful business is constantly reevaluating and assessing the market needs, your positioning, and how you can capture more of the changing market share

Our sessions are one-on-one and are highly collaborative conversations
that allow us to dive deep into what works specifically for you and your business.

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