Grand Prize Winner: My 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market

Meet Our Grand Prize Winner of our Paris Flea Market Giveaway

Our Grand Prize Winner

AD&CO Grand Prize Winner My 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market Bev MartinetsIn September The Antiques Diva & Co held our very first giveaway, Tell Me About Your First Time at The Paris Flea Market. Our Grand Prize Winner My 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market is Bev Martinets, who won a VIP Antiques Diva Day Tour at the Paris Flea Market with one of our Paris Diva Guides including LUNCH at our favorite restaurant in Paul Bert Serpette and a Champagne Toast to finish the tour! Plus, Bev will receive an Antiques Diva tote bag to carry her purchases!

Bev’s story made me smile and made me sad! Here’s Bev’s story:

Meet Bev Martinets
Grand Prize Winner My 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market

Well, I suppose I’m can’t officially enter the contest because I haven’t actually made it to the Paris flea market(s), but I TRIED REALLY HARD!!! I worked for an airline a few years ago, I had a layover in Landstuhl, Germany. It was a risky feat to attempt a trip to Paris and back in the time we actually had, but what the heck, how often is a girl a few hours from Paris. My fellow FA and I happened upon a most charming consignment shop in the town owned by an even more charming lady by the name of Angelica and we told her of our deep desire to get to Paris. She was so kind and helpful, she closed her shop and took us to the train station and explained the “ticket machine” and off we went to Kaiserslautern (“K-town”) to purchase our tickets for the next day. We found some very helpful people at the ticket office, and the next thing we knew, we had booked a very expensive, first class ticket on the high-speed train to Paris for the next morning leaving at 6:00 a.m.


We were up at 3:00 a.m. and on our way to PARIS!!!! We dined in first class, watched in amazement as we flew through the beautiful countryside and were giddy with excitement for our first trip to Paris. We arrived at the Gare de l’Est and were off, spending the day navigating through the City. Through that process, we made 3 lifelong friends, one who became our personal guide in the Metro. We ate crepes, chocolate and drank wine. We ran and strolled through the streets, we laughed, we took photos, we shopped, bought our berets and Swarovski crystal charms….. but never found a single flea market of any kind though we searched, as work beckoned us away.


I’ve always wanted to take one of your tours as I was an antique dealer for a number of years and I’ve actually inquired about your tours in the past. I even applied for a job as one of your guides a number of years ago!! So this is my “hoping” that I could win and then in the future I would be able to #TellMeAboutYourFirstTime story at the #ParisFleaMarket. So fingers crossed!!!

It sounds like Bev’s time in Paris was wonderful and full of adventure, a lasting souvenir! I had to laugh out loud at Bev’s adventure: soooo many tourists search for the Paris Flea Market – le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen – and don’t find it! In fact, many get off the metró and are sure they are in the wrong spot, so they leave! Bev, you surely deserve an expert Diva Guide to make sure you arrive safely at the flea market, and then to introduce you the fabulous finds and treasures!

For directions, read our blog: How to Find the Paris Flea Market.

Congratulations to our winning stories!!! And thank you so much to everyone who entered!!!

Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva®

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Author: Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines is a Global Tastemaker, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur; and founder and CEO The Antiques Diva® & Co, Europe, Asia and America's largest Antiques Sourcing & Touring Company.

  • As Winner Beverly Martinet’s friend and travel companion…Merci Beaucoup for an amazing day filled with wonders, new friends, fabulous dining and most of a most gracious, warm and loving tour of the Paris Flea Market! Bravo Toma, Danielle, Barbara and the handsome duo, Derrick and John, for a most memorable day!

    Wishing you a warm and loving day…

    Mary Hummert
    Jeanne d’Arc Living

  • Our day at the Paris Flea Markets with Toma (the DIva), Danielle (the expert guide), Barbara (office manager) and new friends from Texas Derrick and John, was just an extraordinarily beautiful day. Danielle was the most amazing guide, first picking us up at our hotel and then guiding us through the markets, translating, negotiating. What’s a girl to do with ALL those stunning treasures!!! I’ve decided the perfect strategy would be one day to view, absorb it all and then go back for the BUY!! Lunch was exquisite starting with a Champagne toast (I’m so sad, I forgot my cork on the table….) followed by an appetizer of Escargots and the entrees were all superb!!! And of course you can’t have a meal in Paris without a little red wine!!! So many fun stories and laughs!! Toma, I can never thank you enough for such a beautiful and memorable experience!!! I just need one more thing from you, the photo of me in the outrageous French coat I tried on at the vintage Chanel clothing shop. I will never forget that piece as long as I live. It was perfection!!! I will dream about it forever. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and Mary and Barb thank you!!! Hope to see you in Round Top at the Spring 2017 Antique Show!!! Au revoir pour le moment!!!