Guest Blog – The Contessa – I hate Summer!

The Contessa is back with another Guest Blog especially for you, dear Diva Readers!!!!

to 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Guest Blogger – The Contessa writes:
top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Spring has sprung in New York and all the flowers are in bloom. But we’ve already had some 90 degree plus days and that’s not spring, that’s summer. I HATE SUMMER! There – I said it and I’m not going to apologize for it. Let me explain….As a child, I never got sick during the school year. All my childhood diseases…mumps, chicken pox and whopping cough I managed to get right in the middle of Summer. As an adult, my one major surgery and my heart attack both happened…you guessed it…in the summer. I hate bugs, humidity and sweaty people. I HATE SUMMER.

However, there are a few things I love about summer…fresh veggies, my central air conditioning, a crystal clear swimming pool, Saratoga Springs and cold plates.

to 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Cold plates I’m sure are not my invention but I sort of perfected what I consider to be the perfect summer meal without turning on any heat at all. Basically they are a mixture of whatever I have handy that goes together to make an interesting meal…. I usually start with a meat or fish. Meats can be any nice cold sliced meat such as roast beef, ham, turkey or chicken. If I’m in a particularly Mediterranean mood, I add salami, prosciutto or pepperoni. If I’m not in a meat mood, I use fish…cold, iced shrimp or cold salmon (my favorite). You can also use crab, sardines, smoked salmon or trout and if you really want, raw oysters or clams. I also like to use tinned smoked oysters.

to 10px; WIDTH: 240px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 320px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Now the rest of the plate can be whatever you have available….grapes, strawberries, pate, pickles, cornichons, avocado, artichoke hearts, olives, coleslaw, corn relish, 3 bean salad, macaroni salad, grilled veggies, hard boiled eggs, chow-chow, and of course almost any kind of cheese….cottage, swiss, brie, cheddar, feta, etc. To finish it off, I always add some fresh veggies…tomatoes, radish, green onions, cucumber, mushrooms and carrots.

to 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />A nice cold plate on a hot day is one reason why I LOVE SUMMER!

The Contessa,
Guest Blogger – Diva of the Day

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Author: Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines is a Global Tastemaker, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur; and founder and CEO The Antiques Diva® & Co, Europe, Asia and America's largest Antiques Sourcing & Touring Company.

  • I absolutely agree with you. I hate Summer, well, I dislike Summer. It's my least favorite season. I usually save my vacation for the Fall because I hate doing anything in the heat of Summer and Fall is so beautiful here in New England.

    I only like Summer when I am sitting on a deck or porch with a cool drink in my hand and I am staring at the ocean. The ocean always makes it better.

  • Phivos,
    You & me both! I dont like heat, but I LIVE for SUMMERTIME!

    Sanity Fair,
    I ENVY YOU the light fresh foods year round!!!! After returning from Italy I've been dishing up veggies, veggies, veggies and loving it now that my favorites are in season again!

  • Alicia,
    I love that you said "no amount of nakedness" … that cracks me up!!!!

    So true… people do get touchy about these things!!! HA… Funnily enough, I was looking at booking a hotel in Croatia later this summer and as I was showing it to my husband I discovered that it was a NATURALIST HOTEL! Needless to say that was NOT INTENDED! I was so glad to discover the fact BEFORE booking the hotel and NOT after showing up!!!

    The Diva

  • How true ALicia…..They tend to get a little touchy around here if you walk around outside naked. TEE HEE

  • Heat & humidity, yes Im not a fan either. I always say you can bundle up in winter for warmth but now amount of nakedness can squelch the 99 degrees & who wants to live indoors.
    Must go you may me hungry….