Hurry – Last Chance for Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante 2008 This Weekend!

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Since posting my blog Unopened Mail, my inbox has been inundated with readers asking for more details about the to-find-my-favorite-french.html” target=”_blank”>Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante, which happens to be one of my favorite antiquing opportunities in Holland! This secret sale, held only twice a year in the summer and then again in the month before Christmas, takes place on the 3rd floor of an inconspicuous apartment building just off the Lijnbaansgracht (at # 56D) around the corner from the Westerstraat.

Lucky, locally based Diva readers, who act quickly, still have a chance to visit Amsterdam’s Best Kept Secret – to-find-my-favorite-french.html” target=”_blank”>The Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante! This Secret Sale is going on this weekend June 13 -15, 11am – 6pm. But don’t despair, for those of you who don’t live in Holland or can’t make the date, Ms. Brederode also opens her gorgeously-attired apartment by appointment for a select few the rest of the year!

Mention The Antiques Diva ™ and you are guaranteed a 10% discount off of goods purchased!

Coming up to the building, you ring the buzzer marked Brederode to be allowed entrance in the building, then ascend the stairs following a sign directing you to the third floor before entering a French Garden Paradise. A step inside Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante brings me back to early summer in St Remy de Provence and I can almost smell the lavender in the air and taste the rosé wine & olives. While Mevrouw Brederode has a wonderful assortment of eclectic antiques, her specialty is garden furniture. Her style is shabby chateau chic with a heavy emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside. This year’s sale I also noticed a leaning towards folk art unnoticed in previous visits chez elle.

Although I am a writer, I write today searching for words to describe Brederode’s French country collection. I realize that this is a moment when photos speak louder than words. So rather than waxing poetically about the Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante, I decided to do something I rarely do. They say a photograph is worth a thousand words so I’m going to let the following photos speak for themselves…

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That said, I can’t help but share with you what one Diva Reader commented after visiting the brocante, “I bought a table, chair, flower container, a piece of pottery and some iron edging for the garden . They were exactly the type of things I was looking for. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much for the information!”

Another emailed to say, “I’ve fallen in love with Brederode and can’t wait until the Christmas sale!” While a third merely asked, “Where else can you buy a perfect garden gnome, a collection of Belgian lusterware, a Parisian café table and a pair of carved wooden birds and birdcage?”

When I expressed my enthusiasm to Mevrouw Brederode, she blushed girlishly with pride and said “I’m so glad you enjoy my shop!”and then she continued on, giving me more tips on things to do nearby!

“On Saturday, there’s the famous Boerenmarkt (farmers market) on Noordermarkt at the other end of the Westerstraat. It’s only a 5 min. walk from my house so would be perfect for your Diva’s to visit when they visit me. And then around the corner there’s also a normal street market on the whole of the Lindengracht. And last but not least, I must send you to another Secret Sale… Do you know about Chambre D’Amis? This is yet another brocante sale in a private home at the Bloemgracht #58! It’s only a 5-10 minute walk from my place – You should certainly visit Johanne after visiting me!”

So I took her advice and ambled through the Jordaan and yet again I was delighted to discover a wonderful French oasis next to this Amsterdam canal. This secret sale runs off and on throughout June & July beginning this weekend 13 -15 June, 2008 and then again 20 -22 June and 12 -15 July before opening its doors yet again for Santa Claus 19-21 December, 2008. The inventory is heavily French influenced and contains the most gorgeous collection of glassware I’ve seen in one locale as well as an incredible assortment of 18th and 19th century china, porcelain & pottery. Again, the owner has impeccable taste and one has the conclusion that to shop from here means you too have Style with a capital “S”.

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Happy Shopping Diva Readers! I’ll be back next week with mor
e divalicious tips on where to hit the summer sales this June & July!

Tot Ziens!

The Antiques Diva™

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Author: Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines is a Global Tastemaker, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur; and founder and CEO The Antiques Diva® & Co, Europe, Asia and America's largest Antiques Sourcing & Touring Company.

  • thanks for the info diva. i think we’ll take the train as we dont have car and you’re right the prices are great for train. i looked at 1st class but it was double… save that for a special occassion. cant wait to meet you and shop with a diva and glad to have foud your site.

  • Bonjour Mary!!

    It’s so nice to see you’ve left a few comments on my site this week and I’m thrilled you’ve inquired about The Antiques Divas Shopping Tours! You & your husband constitute a group and thus, a private tour for the two of you would be priced at our regular tour price of 45 E per person for our 4 hour tours – equaling 90E for the two of you! You will never shop with a stranger when taking a Diva tour. When you book a tour, I or one of my two lovely guides takes you around the city of your choice, giving you our exclusive attention and helping you to find the perfect souvenir of your holiday (or a dashing decorating item to commemorate your trip)!

    When I travel between Paris & Amsterdam, I drive baby! It’s a 5 hour drive and I always want to bring a car load of goodies back from Paris – not only antiques but also groceries, clothes, etc! I even buy my floor polish in Paris! I often drive when taking holiday as I like the flexibility of being able to purchase what I want, when I want and to eliminate having my items shipped home to me here in Holland! That said, if I do take transport between the two cities, I always take the Thalys. Bargains in 2nd class can easily be found if you are flexible on your dates. A regular round trip discount ticket of 65E is almost always on special offer! 1st class includes wine & lunch and unlimited beverages so any time I take the train and find that my 2nd class cabin isn’t priced as low as I think it should be, I always check out 1st to see if it’s worth paying a few extra euro’s for 1st which doesn’t fill up as quickly as 2nd. I don’t like to fly between the cities as I find it an inconvenience to go to the airport both in Paris and A’dam and it is typically more expensive than the train. The flight is only an hour (or a little less than an hour) but the check in time & travel time to & fro the airport end up making it take as long as the train – 4 hr 45 min (which coincidentally is about the same amount of time as driving). The disadvantage of driving to A’ dam is that you’d have to pay to park your car for the duration of your trip & I don’t recommend driving within A’ dam. The advantage is that you could then more easily get out and about in Holland going to see other cities such as Delft, Haarlem, The Hague, etc (all of which are also easily accessible by train). Hope this info helps and looking forward to meeting you on upcoming Antiques Diva Tour.

    The Antiques Diva (TM)

  • De tweede ronde is begonnen, er zijn nog meer dan genoeg mooie zaken die uw begeerte kunnen opwekken,dus moest u in de gelegenheid zijn langs te komen bent u van harte welkom,zaterdag en zondag nog van 12 tot 20 uur, met vriendelijke groet,
    Johan de Feijter en Eduardo Tovar Estrada

    Chambre d’Amis –
    Bloemgracht #58

  • great find diva. i cant wait to come to amsterdam and take your shopping tour. i think i will visit you in july or august. whats the difference in cost ina private tour vs a group tour. i see group tour at 45euros per person. can my hubster and i tour alone without other people? just the 2 of us?
    do you recommend i take the train or fly to holland from paris? it looks like you are traveling a whole lot between paris and amsterdam. how do you go? merci from mary in montmarte

  • Lidy –

    I could say the same about your website! I’ve only recently discovered your website & blog and am convinced that it will become one my favorite places to shop!! You’ve created a gorgeous site with gorgeous photos!!!

    Readers, check out Lidy’s shop & blog!!! I suspect if you are anything like me you will swoon with desire over all the gorgeous items for sale!

    The Antiques Diva (TM)

  • Lord have mercy, Diva, you’ve hit one of my favorite places to shop!
    sigh. Wish I were there right now, but preferably with my old dollar, not the dollars I have right now.:)
    xo Lidy

  • Hello Antiques Diva,

    Thanks for your enthusiastic article, I received some people already who had read your story. I will NOT have open days in July, it`s only the second and third wekend of June and December, and when I`m home I take the flag, hang him/her out and open the door for visitors. But the treasures we find we keep especially for the Open Door days!

    My friend, Eduardo Tovar Estrada paints old cupboards, look at his website

    We are here next weekend so when you have time, shunt pass by, thank you again and see you,

    Johan de Feijter
    Chambre d’Amis –
    Bloemgracht #58