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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Over the last few weeks as I’ve prepared for my move, I’ve been an organizational whirlwind. Boxes of old knick-knacks, household items and clothes that have seen their better day have been divided and sent to the charity shops, dumped in the recycling bins, given to friends and when beyond repair gone into the garbage! The best thing one can do to organize their home is to move often – 6 moves in 12 ½ years has proven this to me! As I was sorting through our filing cabinet this morning (in what started as a search for my marriage license which will be needed by the Immigration dept for my German residency but ended in a wholesale clean-out of more than a decade of unnecessarily saved or misfiled items), I thought “Why didn’t I hire Organizational Expert Jenni van Heyningen to come help with my pre-move prep? She could have saved me so much time and I ‘m certain her way is better than mine!”

I’ve asked Jenni to speak at numerous International Women’s Club events and yet until this morning in my pre-move madness she’d slipped my mind. If only I’d been on top of things she could have saved me loads of work and helped me prepare for my new life in Germany – giving me an edge on the German efficiency & organized lifestyle I’m about to embrace! Not wanting you to make the same mistake I did, I thought I would write a quick post to introduce you to Jenni of Organised Bliss so that next time Holland-based readers are planning to get organized, you think to give this expert a call!

Jenni, the charming South African-born owner of Organised-Bliss, comes to your home and helps you assess your problem areas, sort and categorize items and then decide what you really need to keep and which of your precious items someone else could make better use of. Rather than me telling you about her services read on…. in Jenni’s own words as she describes what she can help you do.

The Antiques Diva

Organised Bliss writes:

Diva Readers – It’s 2009 and it’s time to get organized!!

Another year has gone by and this year is going to be different because you are going to GET ORGANISED once and for all! You have been living with clutter and have become frustrated because you feel your home or office should be more organized. Well, now is the time to get started and finish the job!

You may want to:

  • Improve the way you organize your personal administration so that you can work smarter and more efficiently.
  • Re-organize your clothing cupboard and finally get rid of (or donate/sell) the clothes that you haven’t worn in many years.
  • Change the storage units in your children’s rooms. This will make it easier for them to put their own toys away and also to ensure that all their toys / books / cds have a permanent, practical place. It’s amazing how much quicker the tidying up process takes if each thing has a practical place.
  • Organize your living room so that it can be a place of relaxation and enjoyment instead of a room that has a little bit of everything in it.
  • Ensure that everything you have has a permanent, practical place – you will then notice how much easier your daily routine will be because you will know where to find things and where to put them back.
  • You may feel that it is TIME to clear all the clutter or unnecessary things that you have. This may be the many collectable items you have gathered over the years, or all the clothing that you have not worn for years, or magazines/cds that need to be sorted out (and given to a second hand store or donated to an old-age home).
  • You may want to organize your time better – this may include time spent on work or household things vs. time socializing with friends or family.

Benefits of being organized are many:

  • Not only will you have a more practical / organized home or office, you will also feel psychologically better as you won’t have “the mess” on the back of your mind each day and the disappointment that “you still haven’t sorted things out”. Remember that an organized home = an organized mind.
  • You will also feel a remarkable difference in your daily routine (especially is you have school-going children) as you won’t have to frantically search for their things 2 minutes before they have to leave for school. You will know where to find it because it will have a permanent, practical storage place.


Organised Bliss can help you achieve your goals, quickly and efficiently!

Contact Jenni van Heyningen for more information or to make an appointment for a free assessment.

Call (+ or email”>

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Author: Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines is a Global Tastemaker, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur; and founder and CEO The Antiques Diva® & Co, Europe, Asia and America's largest Antiques Sourcing & Touring Company.

  • Hi Friends!

    Thanks for the compliment! Organiztion isn’t exactly my strong point – but to compensate I make a really big effort!

    Good Luck with the Organization of your basement! How are the antique private sales going?!?! Have you held any lately?

    Victorian Cobweb,
    Thanks for posting this article on your blog too! What a wonderful surprise!

    Brit Gal,
    Congratulations are in order, YOU JUST PASSED YOUR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes during the move! We had movers who helped with the packing and transport – but it’s the unpacking that we did on our own thats the killer! The month prior to the move I must have gotten rid of carloads of items in anticipation of a move to a smaller appartment with less storage! We were really lucky in Holland as our Dutch apartment was huge and had an attics worth of storage space!

    Hi Kel, Thanks for stopping by!

    The move is going well! I’m starting to actually feel like I live here. Best of all, we bought a giant wardrobe unit this weekend, which will solve many of our storage issues!

    Sarah Sophia,
    Thanks for stopping by! Your Farm/Village seems like a dream! I’d love it!!! What a wonderful adventure. And by the way, your “not so fashionable fashion week blog” cracked me up! I loved the camo!

    Best Wishes Readers and Thanks for the Comments!
    The Antiques Diva

  • Yes, it’s absolutely essential to be very, very well organized, if you want to achieve something and I have to admid, I am still struggling to get everything unpacked and set up in an optimal way, even though we moved 3 years ago! This is simply because we are still building and our place is sooo huge. In fact, I just realized, it’s like having bought a village, rather than a farm! But I tell you: it’s driving me nuts!!! And I can’t wait for everything to have found its place and for us to finally having completed all the renovations!!! So, very good post, ladies! And I even think, it saves peoples’ lives and sanity – that’s how important it is to get organized!
    Oh, while I remember; You might wanna take a look at this (my not quite so fashionable fashion-post):
    love, Sarah Sofia

  • Truly some good advice. We move often too, but when you are moved by the company, they pack and move your stuff, “as is.” I think I need this organizational woman to come live with me for 2 weeks.

    Have a safe, enjoyable move.

  • Man oh Man! After inheriting so much stuff after the death of so many elderly relatives, I sure could have used this article years ago. BUT! I will put it to good use in organizing my basement/craft area/office/antiques spot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.