The Business of Antiques

A Podcast By Toma Clark Haines, The antiques Diva


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Show Notes 

Welcome to The Business of Antiques!

I’m on a mission to make antiques sexy, modern and fun… and PROFITABLE.

My name is Toma Clark Haines - perhaps better known as The Antiques Diva, CEO of the World’s largest antiques touring company operating in 16 countries and 3 continents, The Antiques Diva & Co.  We help buyers source antiques around the world - we negotiate, translate and liaise with 3rd party shippers to help get your goods home sweet home.

I’m also the founder of ADTP -The Antique Diva Dealer Training and Mentoring Program - where we help new dealers learn to become antiques dealers and we prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks by working with established antiques dealers to update their branding, marketing, social media and learn new ways of selling antiques - #DivaStyle. My mission is simple - I’m on a mission to make antiques modern, sexy, fun and… insert drumrole please…. And profitable. This podcast is for people interested in - you guessed it… the business of antiques. On this podcast I’ll tell you secrets learned in the field over the last few decades - sharing my own personal experiences as well as interviewing some of the top names in this industry.  We’ll talk to antique dealers and interior designers as well as antique fair coordinators, various reps from antique aggregator sites and even international shippers and insurance agents. If it relates to running your antiques business - we will talk about it.

I’ve got a secret - All things are possible.


So hit subscribe and follow along as I share with you my journey at The  Antiques Diva & CO from leading global antique shopping tour to being THE Antiques Dealer Business Coach helping you make antiques profitable and fast tracking your antiques business to success.

Welcome to the Business of Antiques!

Talk to you soon,

Ciao Ciao

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva