The Antiques Diva Collection

by Aidan Gray

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ABOUT THE Collection

Luxury furniture company Aidan Gray Home launched The Antiques Diva Collection by Aidan Gray at the fall High Point Market in Oct. 13-17, 2018. Offering over 15 designs in various colorways, the collection's aesthetic is reminiscent of reproductions, but also elegantly mixes interesting textures and mediums to create particular look. To achieve this, each design implements certain styles and materials that were not available in the 18th century - for example, a hand-carved wooden armchair backed with Lucite.


“The Antiques Diva’s motto is to make antiques modern, sexy, fun, and accessible. Aidan Gray’s goal is to offer this same accessibility for European decor and home furnishings, so this is a perfect partnership!"

Toma Clark Haines

/ Founder and CEO of

The Antiques Diva & Co.


“At Aidan Gray, we are focused on streamlining the look and feel of traditional furniture. The Antiques Diva collection was a discussion and collaboration about what would happen if we married French traditionalist and iconic urban modernist. When we started working on this collection with Toma Clark Haines, we didn’t want to create reproductions – but rather pay homage to the past while looking to the future.”

Randal Weeks
/ CEO of Aidan Gray

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antiques diva wood wax

Furniture Care and Restoration

Lavender scented
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An all-natural, clear wax paste that will add life and protection to any type and age of wood as well as leather goods.

Safe for cutting boards and any other food preparation utensils.



  •   1000 JARS ~ $10.00 EACH
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  •   50 JARS ~ $18.00 EACH
  •   25 JARS ~ $19.50 EACH
  •   Weight per ​jar: 1500G
  •   Pricing includes shipping
  •   Delivery ~ 21 days after  order is received

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