Why Shop The Paris Flea Market?

A Day at the Paris Flea Market Les Marché aux Puces

Any antique lover can agree—shopping the Paris Flea Market is the ultimate dream! I mean seriously… it’s the stuff Bucket Lists are made of! At The Antiques Diva & Co, a day at the tours/france” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Paris Flea Market Tour is one of our most popular tours, and with good reason! From the atmosphere to the inventory and even the food and wine, a day at Les Puces de Paris is a day well spent.

In Paris, going to the markets is a normal part of life. From a cultural standpoint, Europeans are used to buying many items at market – they don’t go to the grocery store to buy their fruits and vegetables – they shop their local market! They even buy their cheese, meats, bread, and flowers at their local market – so it’s no surprise that when the weekend arrives, heading to the Paris Flea Market is a national pastime. Of course… if you lived in Paris, wouldn’t you shop there every week? What a great way to score beautiful antiques as well as enjoy the company of friends. Whether you’re the type of shopper who scans the stands quickly or the “take your time and enjoy” type, you’re sure to get plenty of exercise and fresh air as you peruse mile upon mile of market!

All that walking is sure to make you hungry, and that’s certainly not a problem in Paris! Comfort food and yummy street food is available in the markets themselves. Who couldn’t picture themselves nibbling a fresh croissant and sipping a café while enjoying live music from a solo musician or an ensemble on the street, soaking up the atmosphere that is the Paris Flea Market.

Paris Flea Market vintage clothing with The Antiques Diva & Co

What Should You Expect at The Paris Flea Markets?

Originally, The Flea Markets were so named because of the actual FLEAS which permeated the outskirts of the city and found their way into the goods being sold on the streets there! Hmm… That doesn’t sound so dreamy, does it? Well, the fleas have fled, and today Les Puces is the best place to find all sorts of pieces at just about every price point. Antique furniture, jewelry, linens, art, rugs, silver, and just about anything else you can imagine can be found—if you’re up for the hunt!

If you’ve got a specific shopping list, that’s great. We always ask clients if there are any pieces they really want to find, that way we can guide them to the perfect dealer. However, it’s also important to remain open, as you may stumble upon the perfect piece you didn’t even know you needed. This is what the French call Coupe de Foudre…. Struck by Lighting, Love at First Sight. I always prepare a list before I shop… and then just like trying to find the perfect man, the one who doesn’t have what you’re looking for, might actually be the one that steals your heart!

There are definitely different types of stands to be aware of when shopping Les Puces. Some dealers have massive spaces in actual buildings—these are more like stores, with highly curated inventory that is displayed beautifully. Other areas of the flea market are more akin to a rummage sale, where the thrill of the hunt must be your primary reason for going. Here you’ll find that perfect treasure amid a box of junk, tucked under a table, or back along a wall. (It’s not a bad idea to bring a pair of gloves and some hand sanitizer if you plan to get down & dirty while searching through boxes.) But hey, that’s where you find the best deals! While we may be Divas, we’re not above rummaging for the perfect find! Hmm… I still think the tax man should allow me to tax deduct my manicures.

While most of the vendors are permanent stalls, the fact is the items being sold are one of a kind… and if you hesitate… someone else might just buy it before you do. If you like it, if it’s the right price, the price you’re willing to pay, then by golly buy it!

Paris Flea Market stalls with The Antiques Diva & Co

When To Shop The Paris Flea Markets?

The Paris Flea Market is open on Saturday and Sunday – with some vendors also opening on Friday and Monday. While historically people think of getting to the flea market early… the early bird doesn’t necessarily get the worm in Paris. The French like to sleep-in and so the market doesn’t really start going in full swing til 10am. Also – be aware of French holidays… the vendors are a skeleton crew in end July and August when the Parisians flee from the city in order to take their month long holiday! Shopping at the Puce is slim pickings then… so if you’re planning a trip to Paris to shop the Flea Market DO NOT go during this time!

Paris Flea Market empties out during the summer holidays - shopping with The Antiques Diva & Co

Why Choose The Antiques Diva & Co?

As the only official Exclusive Guide of the Paris Flea Markets Paul Bert Serpette, The Antiques Diva & Co has been chosen because of our long term relationships and close contacts with les Puces. The best way to get a bargain at the Paris Flea Market is to be a local… And it just so happens we are! We can typically save clients via negotiations on antiques what they pay for our tour. Plus we save you time in addition to money. We custom plan a tour for you, helping you navigate the many markets and thousands of vendors to find just what you’re looking for. You don’t waste time digging through things you’re not looking for, but rather maximize your shopping time (and dollar) on a pre-choreographed tour.

Plus… we’re just fun. Not only do we take the stress out of your day by translating and negotiating on your behalf but we tell you inside stories about living in Paris, our favorite haunts, secrets about Parisian life. But buyer beware… the very first Paris Guide I hired was a client who was so obsessed with shopping the Puce I asked her, Why don’t you come on staff and help lead these tours! You might just fall in love with Paris and decide to move overseas!

Email us at info@antiquesdiva.com to find out more about how you can book an Antiques Diva Paris Flea Market Tour!


Toma, The Antiques Diva®

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Author: Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines is a Global Tastemaker, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur; and founder and CEO The Antiques Diva® & Co, Europe, Asia and America's largest Antiques Sourcing & Touring Company.

  • Okay, now I HAVE to experience the Paris Flea Market, these images are glorious, and having experienced the Diva’s incredible sourcing skills first hand in Belgium, I have no hesitation recommending these tours.

    • Thank you for the recommendation Di, I appreciate you letting Diva readers know that at The Antiques Diva & Co our tours save you time and money, and our local expert Diva tour guides are like shopping with your new best friend!

      mille mercis

  • Our Antiques Diva & Co Guide really know The Paul Bert Serpette market like the palm of her hand, we found just what we where looking for plus much more!
    Thank you

    • Thanks for writing Melissa – yes, I remember my 1st time at the Paris Flea Market – it can be overwhelming! Did you know there are over 2000 individual dealers at the Marché aux Puces, and its over 7000 hectares of alleys, vintage and antiques stalls and restaurants! I was truly honored when my company The Antiques Diva & Co was named the exclusive guides of the Paris Flea Market Paul Bert Serpette – what an honor for an American company!
      á la prochaine

  • Visiting the Paris Flea Market and getting a tour with the Antiques Diva and her team was one of the best experiences of my life! It made shopping so much easier and stress free! And the champagne was a nice touch!

    • Thanks Austin – I couldn’t agree more: there’s simply nothing better than shopping for antiques at the Paris Flea Market with a glass of champagne!

      Our Paris Diva Guides are experts in sourcing antiques at the flea market – not only do they escort Antiques Diva clients on custom buying tours, they also spend their free time at les Puces shopping for special pieces for their own homes!

      Hope to see you in Paris again soon – or check out our Antiques Diva shopping tours in Italy or Sweden – unforgettable!

    • That is my #1 advice to shopping the Paris Flea Market – or any flea market! Too often I see clients waver and then go back for a special piece they spotted earlier… and it’s gone…
      c’est triste…