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Dutch Dates – October Calendar

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Regardless of the weather, October is a hot month for Antiques Diva Readers to be in Amsterdam! Four upcoming events caught my eye and I couldn’t help but to share these dates with you.

Corry Kooy & Loes Botman Art Exhibition
Diva Readers will recognize the name Corry Kooy from previous postings about this up-and-coming dynamite Dutch artist whose open style I adore. She has a special exhibit Sept 27 – Nov 2, 2008 in Nieuwkoop at the Hoeve Rijlaarsdam Galerie & Beeldenpark. Corry will be sharing the show with pastel artist Loes Botman whose work I haven’t yet seen in person. A quick browse through his website tells me he is someone I’ll be interested to discover!

Woon Beurs Amsterdam
The Woon Beurs Amsterdam – Home Fair will be Sept 30 – Oct 5, 2008 at the Amsterdam Rai offering inspiration and decorating advice alongside halls devoted to the latest and greatest in Dutch design.

Kunst & Antiekbeurs Verzamelen In Stijl
The Kunst & Antiekbeurs Verzamelen in Stijl is back in town for 2 days only – Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12, 2008. Entry is 5E per person and this dazzling art and antiques fair specializing in Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil will take place in one of A’dams most centrally located hotels – Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky on Dam Square. Stay for lunch in their gorgeous Brasserie Reflet, with its Belle Epoque interior dating back to 1883.

Michael Parkes at Steltman Galleries
Years ago Antiques Diva Roving Reporter Lady Lotus turned me onto artist Michael Parkes at the Steltman Galleries in Amsterdam. Parkes is the world’s leading magical realist painter, sculptor, and stone lithographer and has been a staple at the Steltman Gallery since his first one man show in 1977.

One Minute Diva – Spiegelkwartier Open House

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Antiquing Diva’s with time on their hands this weekend, September 13 & 14, 2008, should head to Amsterdam for the Spiegelkwartier Open House for a fun weekend full of antiques, free drinks and fun, plus opportunities to chat candidly with the dealers.

The antiquairs and galleries show their latest acquisitions and have special exhibitions Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm. Jaski Art Gallery at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29 will be doing a special exhibition with work of Cole Morgan while the Galerie Lieve Hemel at # 3 is bringing in Paul Pallandt to hammer silver bowls, etc and make excellent decorative creations before your very eyes! Meanwhile, Sculptor Angelo Moyano will be hard at work at” target=”_blank”>Kunstzalen A. Vecht Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 40. Perhaps one of the more unusal exhibits will be at Thom & Lenny Nelis, Keizersgracht 541, where they are presenting a special exhibit of antique veterinarian objects.


The Antiques Diva™

Diva-Style Dutch Summer Dates!

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Den Haag – 9 – 11 July, 2008
Auction – Curiosaveiling – Venduehuis Den Haag

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ /> Amsterdam – 19 – 28 July, 2008
Amsterdam International Fashion Week – Events scheduled at the Westergasfabriek..

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Eerbeek – 25 – 27 July, 2008
Lifestyle Fair – Eerbeek

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”– USEUM+van+loon.jpg” border=”0″ />Amsterdam 26, 27, 31 July and 1, 2, 3 August, 2008” target=”_blank”>Opera in Open Air – Museum Van Loon

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Baarn- Noord – 14 – 17 August, 2008
Le Prestige – Antiek, Interieur & Lifestyle Beurs held at Doctor Albert Schweitzerweg # 1 in Baarn – Noord.

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Amsterdam – 16 – 24 August, 2008
Canal Festival – 160 concerts, workshops, architectural walks and private monument visits.

to 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Doorn – 11-14 September, 2008
Country Fair Doorn

Hurry – Last Chance for Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante 2008 This Weekend!

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Since posting my blog Unopened Mail, my inbox has been inundated with readers asking for more details about the to-find-my-favorite-french.html” target=”_blank”>Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante, which happens to be one of my favorite antiquing opportunities in Holland! This secret sale, held only twice a year in the summer and then again in the month before Christmas, takes place on the 3rd floor of an inconspicuous apartment building just off the Lijnbaansgracht (at # 56D) around the corner from the Westerstraat.

Lucky, locally based Diva readers, who act quickly, still have a chance to visit Amsterdam’s Best Kept Secret – to-find-my-favorite-french.html” target=”_blank”>The Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante! This Secret Sale is going on this weekend June 13 -15, 11am – 6pm. But don’t despair, for those of you who don’t live in Holland or can’t make the date, Ms. Brederode also opens her gorgeously-attired apartment by appointment for a select few the rest of the year!

Mention The Antiques Diva ™ and you are guaranteed a 10% discount off of goods purchased!

Coming up to the building, you ring the buzzer marked Brederode to be allowed entrance in the building, then ascend the stairs following a sign directing you to the third floor before entering a French Garden Paradise. A step inside Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante brings me back to early summer in St Remy de Provence and I can almost smell the lavender in the air and taste the rosé wine & olives. While Mevrouw Brederode has a wonderful assortment of eclectic antiques, her specialty is garden furniture. Her style is shabby chateau chic with a heavy emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside. This year’s sale I also noticed a leaning towards folk art unnoticed in previous visits chez elle.

Although I am a writer, I write today searching for words to describe Brederode’s French country collection. I realize that this is a moment when photos speak louder than words. So rather than waxing poetically about the Brederode Voorjaarsbrocante, I decided to do something I rarely do. They say a photograph is worth a thousand words so I’m going to let the following photos speak for themselves…

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That said, I can’t help but share with you what one Diva Reader commented after visiting the brocante, “I bought a table, chair, flower container, a piece of pottery and some iron edging for the garden . They were exactly the type of things I was looking for. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much for the information!”

Another emailed to say, “I’ve fallen in love with Brederode and can’t wait until the Christmas sale!” While a third merely asked, “Where else can you buy a perfect garden gnome, a collection of Belgian lusterware, a Parisian café table and a pair of carved wooden birds and birdcage?”

When I expressed my enthusiasm to Mevrouw Brederode, she blushed girlishly with pride and said “I’m so glad you enjoy my shop!”and then she continued on, giving me more tips on things to do nearby!

“On Saturday, there’s the famous Boerenmarkt (farmers market) on Noordermarkt at the other end of the Westerstraat. It’s only a 5 min. walk from my house so would be perfect for your Diva’s to visit when they visit me. And then around the corner there’s also a normal street market on the whole of the Lindengracht. And last but not least, I must send you to another Secret Sale… Do you know about Chambre D’Amis? This is yet another brocante sale in a private home at the Bloemgracht #58! It’s only a 5-10 minute walk from my place – You should certainly visit Johanne after visiting me!”

So I took her advice and ambled through the Jordaan and yet again I was delighted to discover a wonderful French oasis next to this Amsterdam canal. This secret sale runs off and on throughout June & July beginning this weekend 13 -15 June, 2008 and then again 20 -22 June and 12 -15 July before opening its doors yet again for Santa Claus 19-21 December, 2008. The inventory is heavily French influenced and contains the most gorgeous collection of glassware I’ve seen in one locale as well as an incredible assortment of 18th and 19th century china, porcelain & pottery. Again, the owner has impeccable taste and one has the conclusion that to shop from here means you too have Style with a capital “S”.

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Happy Shopping Diva Readers! I’ll be back next week with mor
e divalicious tips on where to hit the summer sales this June & July!

Tot Ziens!

The Antiques Diva™

Antwerp Fashion Shopping

Dear Antiques Diva,

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>I am catching a flight from NYC to Amsterdam tomorrow to come visit you and am looking so forward to our “Girls Trip” to Antwerp! I was thinking about your series “Living La Diva Loca” and thought you might be able to recommend a boutique in Antwerp where I could buy a new gala gown or floor-length cocktail dress? I know you bought your gown in Holland, but by chance do you have any fashion addresses in Antwerp to share?

La Reine

Dearest La Reine,

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>I am looking very forward to your visit and our girls trip to Belgium. I know of a few addresses of “must go” places in Antwerp, but I decided that my friend The Belgian Beauty would be able to answer your question a million times better than I could. The Belgian Beauty waxes so poetically about Antwerp shopping that she has me quivering with excitement each time she pulls out her little black book….

so Ta Ta from Me – The Antiques Diva™

… and Greetings from The Belgian Beauty!

The street to shop is the Schuttershofstraat, which runs parallel with The Meir – the main shopping drag. You might find something at Princess on the Meir, but I recommend you go around the corner to the Schuttershofstraat where you’ll find Natan. Here you’ll find designer gowns by Eduard Vermeulen, who is known for his simple (therefore not cheap) evening gowns. At #9 is Antwerp’s best shoe shop Coccodrillo. For beautiful Belgian leather purses you can go to Delvaux — the Belgian equivalent of Hermes.

Around the corner of the Schuttershofstraat is the Huidevettersstraat, with Belgian fashion such as Scapa and Caroline Biss. Around the other corner is the Lange Gasthuisstraat, with a huge Flamant store in a beautiful old house. Upstairs inside Flamant you can have something to eat or drink as well. Not to be missed is the Dries Van Noten flagship store on the nearby Nationalestraat #16 — if you like his style, that is!

For Italian fashion, a beautiful shop is” target=”_blank”>Tonny Linders at Oudaan #20. I don’t know if they also have Belgian designers, but just go inside and ask and enjoy the impressive ornate interior! They sell Valentino and such but are very friendly — even to me when I only buy there only at the end of summer sale, for 10 % of the original price!

There are fancier shops on the Frankrijklei, at the other side of the Meir near the Opera. There is a huge vintage shop I want you to know about, it’s called Pardaff and is near the Opera and the Atheneum [a school]. I forget the name of the street but if you want a “big name” second-hand evening dress you could find it here. There is another vintage shop in the Steenhouwersvest, near the Kloosterstraat, where all the antique shops are clustered.

I hope you have successful shopping & will find the perfect evening dress! Have a good time in Antwerp! If you need any more information, just let me know.

The Belgian Beauty

Dutch Flea Markets and Antiques Fairs Spring/Summer 2008 Calendar

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April 18 – 20 Open Huis Antiek & Brocante “Bij ons Thus”

April 19 – Antiekmarkt Haarlem
(and May 17, 7 & 21 June, 5 & 19 July, 2 & 16 August, 6 & 20 September)

April 26 — Queen Lifestyle Brocante – Open Dag en Lentebrocante


May 1 – Grote Rommelmarkt – Rijnhal Arnhem

May 10 + Gouds Mont Martre, Gouda
Each Wednesday 10 May – 10 Sept

May 10 – 12 Westfries Tuinfair, Midwoud

May 11 – 12 Open Deur Dagen bij Marian van Oostrom, Bergen

May 12 – Grote Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Brummen

May 12 – Extra Vrije Marktdag, Cuijk

May 12, Luikse Markt, Veemarkterrein, Utrecht

May 23 -24 Brocante Serviezendagen, Den Doorn (bij Delft)

May 30 – Amstelveld Curiosa, Amsterdam
(also June 27 & 25 July)


June 7 – Rommelmarkt “Hoofdplaat 230” Jaar, Hoofdplaat

June 21 – Curiosa en Antiekmarkt, Haren

June 21 – Brocante aan de Ijssel, Deventer
(also on 5 & 19 July and 16 & 30 August and 13 Sept)


July 6 – Kunstmarkt Bergen aan Zee

July 23 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Goes

July 31 – Curiosa en Rommelmarkt, Alphen aan de Rijn


August 2 – Curiosamarkt, Nijkerk

August 17 – Antiek aan Zee, Dishoek

August 30 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Waal Franse en Kuiperstraat, Vlaardingen

August 30 – Franse Brocantemarkt bij Brocantiek ‘t Schuurtje


September 7 – Boerenstreekmarkt – Vlooienmarkt en Braderie — Appelscha

September 20 – Vlooienmarkt Markthal, Barneveld

September 21 – Antiek en Curiosamarkt, Naarden Vesting


The Antiques Diva™

Around the World Travel Tip

he first time I heard my friend, The Gourmet Goddess, mention that she was taking an “around the world” trip, I was gobsmacked thinking that she must be shelling out a fortune! She was accompanying her husband on a month-long business trip that started in Amsterdam, moved on for several stops in the USA before heading across the Pacific and hitting Singapore and several locations in India. At this point, they were so exhausted from their whirlwind travels that they said “the heck with it all” and took a few days vacation in Dubai before returning home to Holland only a month after it all began. It was such an extravagant journey that I couldn’t imagine what it must have cost!

When I discreetly made a comment about how expensive this trip must have been, the Goddess replied, “No, Not really! An ATW ticket ( around the world ticket) is the best bargain in travel”.

I couldn’t believe this was true, so I did a little research of my own. Lo and behold, she was right! So right, in fact, that I’ve booked my husband, WG, on his own around the world trip.

You know he is in China right now, but in fact his travels are taking him from Holland to London to China, and then on to Japan before landing in Dalls the week before Christmas where he and I will meet up to celebrate with family and friends in Oklahoma. Three weeks later he’ll return from Dallas to London to Holland, having proven that the world is indeed round! Christopher Columbus has nothing on WG!

His airfare for this entire journey cost only 1,600 Euros (or $2,300), a fraction of what it would have cost for WG to travel roundtrip business class from Amsterdam to Beijing. Admittedly, that would have been a much more lavish journey compared to being cramped back in coach, but it was so much more logical and convenient to travel around the world rather than backtracking to Amsterdam only to catch a flight the next day to the USA for the holidays.

Next time you’re in the mood to travel and can’t make up your mind on where to go or what to see, why don’t you do as WG did and fly around the world!

Author Judy Wolf gives great tips on how to book an ATW (also called RTW) and who to book it with! She advises that both One World Alliance and Star Alliance “allow for travel ranging from 10 days to 12 months. While you’re required to set your itinerary in terms of destinations (that’s how they know how much to charge you), both alliances let you decide or change travel dates freely as you go.” Check Judy’s Adventure Travel website (or subscribe to her newsletter) to see how you can live a life without borders!

Happy Travels!

The Antiques Diva™

The Diva’s Whirlwind European Antique Shopping Tour – Part One!

top:5px;float:left;color:white;background:#382900;border:1px solid darkkhaki;font-size:80px;line-height:50px;padding-top:1px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>What do Paris, Provence, London, Bath and The Cotswold’s have in common with Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Tongeren and Ghent?

They are all featured as having fabulous antique shopping in the new series The Antiques Diva™ is writing for

In case you’re not yet readers of this online magazine, click here to join me as I take you on a whirlwind antique shopping tour of Europe! But I warn you, you’d best bookmark this article as you won’t want to take a trip without consulting this series before hand!

Happy Reading and, as always, Happy Travels,

The Antiques Diva ™

Attention Gooische Vrouwen: Weesp Flea Market Friday, Nov 9th

he village of , in the ‘t Gooi region south of Amsterdam, is a chi-chi town with great shopping where you would expect to see the actresses from the popular Dutch soap opera Gooische Vrouwen out and about shopping or dining incognito with their current lover. Last time The Antiques Diva ™ was in Weesp, I was lunching with some ladies from the IWC and I swore I’d come back to hit the shops when I wasn’t so hurried. That day, after a lovely, long, intoxicating lunch along the Vecht, I had to rush off to catch my flight to and sadly I’ve never found my way back to this charming town.

Now The Maven has given me good reason to high-tale it back to her town! She left me a voice mail this morning informing me that I must come to Weesp this Friday, November 9, 2008 for a “Rommelmarkt” inside the “Grote Kerk”. For my English-speaking comrades, this means I’m going to a rummage sale at the big church in Weesp! While she did admit that there was a bit of trash to be found, she also insisted that there was a huge queue for the assortment of antique treasures. If I know The Maven, she’ll be the first in line, having her pick and leaving the rest of us to sort through what she’s left behind! The Maven promised me that we’ll find not only excellent antiques but also some exceptional bargains!! Needless to say, I’ll be elbowing the other “gooische vrouwen” (wives from the upscale ‘t gooi region south of Amsterdam) aside and pushing my way to the front of the line so that I can gobble up The Maven’s leftovers before someone with bigger sunglasses beats me to it!!

By the way, it’s a pity the show Gooische Vrouwen is only in Dutch, because if it were in English I suspect it’d give Desperate Housewives a serious run for the money.

Ta Ta For Now,

The Antiques Diva™

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