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Amsterdam Open Door Days

Dear Diva Readers,

This time of year is my favorite – brocanting is in full swing across Europe!!!  And Amsterdam is no exception – but in typical Dutch fashion they put their own twist on the antique season. Rather than spreading the antiques and vintage finds across the streets, several savvy antique dealers in the Jordaan have joined together to promote The Open Door Days!!

This weekend and next in Amsterdam several antique dealers are inviting you “chez them” – into their private residence to antique shop in their chic surroundings!!! Two of my favorite Dutch dealers are participating in the Open Door Days – Annette Brederode and Johan de Feijters. 

Chez Annette Brederode
Lijnbaangracht 56D
1015 GS Amsterdam
27th – 29th May 11am to 6pm

And also:
Chez Johan de Feijters
Bloemgracht 58
1015 TL Amsterdam
20 – 22 May, 2011
27 – 29 May 2011
from 12:00 to 8pm

While visiting Annette & Johan ask about where you can find other dealers participating in this weekend event! They’ll be happy to direct you to additional secret addresses open these few days only!

Read past Antiques Diva blog posts on this special weekend to see some sights from former sales and visit Johan’s online store!

Happy Shopping,
The Antiques Diva®

Amsterdam’s Best Kept Secret – Annette Brederode’s Open Door Days

Dear Diva Readers,

Over the past few years I’ve come to eagerly anticipate the arrival of postcards from Annette Brederode, announcing her twice-annual “Secret Sales” – known locally as “Open Door Days” in Amsterdam, where Annette literally throws open the doors to her private residence and lets you shop your heart out inside her living room. This is a woman with Style – and do note that is style with a capital “S”! She oozes good taste and then combines that flair with innovative and creative ideas, putting together eclectic finds and traditional French antiques in a manner that inspires! After a visit into her shop-in-her-home, you’ll want to go home yourself and redecorate. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way, for she (and her home) has been featured time and time again in Dutch decorating magazines! Her shop doesn’t have a store front and she doesn’t run a website or advertise. Instead her Secret Sales dates tend to be spread via word-of-mouth along with her twice-annual post-cards announcing the dates to former clients. This year’s post card (see image above) came with a note attached “No Old Shoes, Simply Antiques”, and the following explanation:

“Dear Diva,

This is my new invitation – I needed a break from my yearly beautiful cards picturing the things that I sell. This old shoe is over 100 years old. I found it in Italy and it symbolizes the beauty of things that we don’t throw away, but keep instead, until they themselves are antiques.
Warm Regards,

Annette Brederode
Lijnbaansgracht #56D

The sale takes place on the 3rd floor in an inconspicuous building. Ring the buzzer and climb the stairs for shopping paradise! When you’re finished here pop over to Johan de Feijters Secret Sale!

Dec 11-13, 2009

Loving the concept of appreciating the beauty in all things, I knew I had to share her words with you in addition to sharing some pics I took recently while visiting Annette Brederode’s private shop with Diva Clients. Mark your calendars for Dec 11-13, 2009. Should you miss the sale dates, do note that you can book a private appointment to visit Annette’s home/shop at your convenience!

A few items for sale Chez Brederode:

This painted armoire has a patina like I’ve never seen before! And I love the long, rustic farm house table!

You can’t help but wonder how far this funny little gnome has traveled!

I considered buying these peacock feathers for my mother-in-law, but the real draw in this picture for me is the clustering of vintage and antique bird cages in the background. What unique décor!

This “Koffie” canister would be adorable in my kitchen and the woven table takes me back to yesteryear, memories of summer wine and eating fresh strawberries off the bush!

Here one of my clients is in a serious quandary – “Which should I buy?” she asked! My response: “Both!”

That gnome keeps making an appearance. I love how light and airy this room is!

Another Diva client pondered the “café au lait” bowls.

These pics are just the tip of the iceberg. Look back at some past Diva posts to see more of Annette’s sensational inventory!

Read This One: Brederode Secret Antiques

Or what about this one: Last Chance!

Happy Shopping!

The Antiques Diva™

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