Q&A – Are there any Flea Markets in or near Amsterdam?

While the French Flea Market suggestions were all fine and dandy, the Charming Emily from Singapore, who has married a dashing Dutchman and is making a new home in Holland, emailed to inquire:

“Do you have any suggestions for a flea market nearby or in Amsterdam? After reading your blog I’m in the mood to go shopping this weekend!”


eed I say, “Naturlijk”!? You shouldn’t expect anything less than a bundle of shopping suggestions from The Antiques Diva ™!

In Amsterdam alone there are bevy of flea markets, although in my opinion these tend to be heavy on the fleas and light on the antiques and actual treasures! You can visit the Albert Cuypmarkt or Waterlooplein markets any day of the week except for Sunday. On Sunday mornings after church, I like to visit the antique market in the Nieuwmarkt and if I haven’t made other plans on Monday mornings, you can find me at the Noordermarkt where I’ve picked up a few art deco treasures. Don’t forget that the antique center De Looier sets up an indoor table market each Saturday and Sunday, adding to their already good week-day selection of antiques.

If you promise not to tell anyone, The Hague suits my tastes a tad better than Amsterdam as it is positively posh and has a very international and cosmopolitan feeling that translates well into good shopping (antiques and otherwise). Every Thursday and Sunday from May to September you’ll find the Lange Voorhout Antiek Markt in front of the gorgeous Hotel des Indes, where you can stop later in the day for their multi-coursed “High Tea des Indes” – an afternoon tea experience that rivals The Ritz in Paris. The Hague is great for antique shopping and, while there, make sure you stop by the “VVV” (Tourist Center) to pick up the brochure for the Art & Antiques Walk which shows the best walking route to see the sights while antique shopping. By the way, you couldn’t have posed this question at a better time… Next weekend, August 25 & 26, 2007 is the “The Hague Art & Antique Days” and I am devastated to miss it as I’ll be away doing research on antique shopping in Eastern Europe for my dear readers. A diva’s work is never done.

Should the weather be nice this Sunday, August 19 (which in Holland is never a guarantee, even in August) and should you be satisfied with substituting an art market for a flea market, then head to Bergen aan Zee where you can take in some sun, sea and sand before shopping the Boulevard Kunstmarkt, a fair that is held only certain days throughout the year.

Just a few weeks later on September 1 & 2, consider going to the Almere Haven Festival. While you’re marking dates in your agenda, perhaps you should also flip to October and add 13 & 14 for the “Grote International Verzamelmarkt” (Large Collectors Market) at the Veemarkthal in Utrecht. While this isn’t the type of charming, outdoor market I usually like, it is so jam-packed with potential purchases for every taste and style that it makes it worth every cent of the 4 Euro entrance fee.

As I close, it seems I might have forgotten to mention the flea market in the Dutch town of Delft (à la porcelain fame), where each Saturday from April 21 – Sept 29 you’ll find a bric-a-brac, antiques and book market. And should that still not be enough, consider taking a whole weekend to do The Antique Route through Zeeland (whose website is unfortunately only available in Dutch but never mind, just use Babel Fish to translate it for you). In Zeeland, you’ll find quaint, Dutch, seaside life away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

These dates are certain to keep you busy for the coming months! Happy Shopping and should you find something divine, please share your stories and photos!

Tot Ziens!

The Antiques Diva

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