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I’m so excited to announce that I will be leading an online course for MyAntiqueSchool! #WatchThisSpace

MyAntiqueSchool is a fabulous resource for antique lovers whether you are new to the antique world or a connoisseur. It is quickly becoming the go-to place to learn from the world’s antiques experts and discuss topics with other antiques enthusiasts from around the globe.


MyAntiqueSchool has filled a need in the antiques world by bringing together experts on almost every niche antiques and collectibles subject. Launched earlier in 2016 through MyOnlineSchool LTD, MyAntiqueSchool has rapidly become the first online antiques school with a broad range of classes which are taught by an array of acclaimed authors, broadcasters, and dealers from around the world.

CEO and Founder Elspeth Briscoe says,

“MyAntiqueSchool solves an important problem for globally disparate enthusiasts in fragmented industries like antiques (ie there are millions of us foraging for information from a relatively few experts – but we are widely scattered!). The antiques and collectibles industry has literally millions of people passionate about niche topics, but who can’t easily get access to experts nor unite with one another in a single sharing community. We are giving enthusiasts a thriving place to connect, wherever they are in the world. A place where not only can they share questions and answers on a peer to peer basis, but also connect with world-class experts who they’d never normally meet. I’ve always been passionate that the internet could be used more effectively to unite people who are driven by a shared interest or cause. MyAntiqueSchool is the perfect place for these niche communities to aggregate, as we have the best experts in the world, a unique classroom, and now an area where everyone can share questions and answers. We even have a virtual antiques shop café so please do pop by and have a chat!”

What’s most exciting is that the students are as diverse as the teachers. Hailing from 55 different countries, students enrolled in the online courses have an opportunity to share with each other on the online forums and discover what’s happening in other parts of the world regarding the antiques industry.

Our friend, acclaimed author Judith Miller says,

“I’m excited about the initiative and believe that MyAntiqueSchool will give enthusiasts from around the world first class education at their fingertips. There is so much rich information and craftsmanship out there within our expert community that risks being lost if we don’t find new and innovative ways of reaching out. MyAntiqueSchool is the logical step to ensure that the world’s true experts can pass on their incredible knowledge to the next generation of enthusiasts worldwide.”

Expert tutors (in addition to moi) include:

Judith Miller – author of more than 100 books on antiques and interiors, including the highly acclaimed Millers Guides. Judith is a regular on the UK Antiques Roadshow, which is one of the BBC’s flagship programmes. Judith teaches ‘An Introduction to Antiques’ and ‘Art Deco’.

My Antique School- Judith Miller

Expert dealer, broadcaster and author, Mark Hill shares his wealth of knowledge on Mid-Century Modern Design, with a very popular course.

My Antique School- Mark Hill

Leading art and antiques specialist Marc Allum gives a fascinating insight on how to build a varied and interesting arts and antiques portfolio with his course ‘An Insider’s Guide to Building a Well-Balanced Art & Antiques Portfolio’, and with a complimentary course teaches both professional interior designers and enthusiasts how to combine the classic with the modern to create truly original interiors on ‘Buying Art & Antiques’ for Interior Design.

My Antique School-Marc Allum

David Rago, one of the leading experts from the US Antiques Roadshow gives a rare insight into the Arts & Crafts Movement in the US, and based on his many years of experience teaches students how to spot good arts and crafts items for collection or for resale.

David Rago, Antiques Roadshow and new expert MyAntiqueSchool tutor says,

“I’m looking forward to being part of this global initiative and meeting my first students from around the world. My first course with MyAntiqueSchool is now bookable and is on Arts and Crafts for the US market, which for me has become a lifetime’s passion as well as work. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with my students and plan to go on and develop more courses with my team of experts.”

My Antique School

Other courses include Fine Jewellery, taught by leading gemologist Joanna Hardy, How to Value Fine Art, Understand Ceramics, Buying at Auction, English Silver.

My Antique School

And last but certainly not least, me, Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva! We are currently working on a TOP SECRET TOPIC that Will BE REVEALED SOON!!!!! Hint… It may involve filming the course in South East Asia!

My Antique School-Toma Clark Haines

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva®