Antiques Diva Wood Wax

Introducing Antiques Diva Wood Wax

At The Antiques Diva & Co – we have 4 tiers of business. You know us for our Antique Buying Tours. This is Sexy. Everyone who is anyone wants to come to Europe to buy antiques. But often clients don’t have time to shop abroad so they ask us to buy for them… enter tier 2 – our Antique Sourcing Service where we shop for you giving you a Virtual Antique Buying Tour. Next up you’ve got to get all those gorgeous antiques home somehow… so we have an Inhouse Art & Antiques Shipping Service so we can meet all your needs.

But one of the questions I’m asked time and time again is to recommend the best products for Antiques Care and Restoration. So I went to the experts – my best contacts in antiques – and I asked for their help in formulating a line of antique care and restoration products. Many of the vendors we work with not only sell antiques, but they also restore and care for them as well. Maintaining and caring for antiques is so important. Having a brand you can trust and rely upon is even more so. This is our 4th tier in our business at AD&CO.

In the new year we will be introducing the entire line of products – but this fall we have already rolled out the first of our products – The Antiques Diva Wood Wax. We launched The Antiques Diva Wood Wax at High Point Market in October 2016. In fact, it was style-spotted as one of the top products this year by Bridgitte Barry Designs who was doing an Instagram takeover for High Point Market! I’m so thrilled to able to offer this product and build an entire line of products to help you care for your beloved antiques! We are currently taking wholesale orders through our website. If you are interested in purchasing smaller quantities than what is listed on the website, simply send us an email at Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll be telling you more about our other products as we develop them. We’re currently working on a leather conditioner and a silver polish, with more ideas still brewing.

Introducing Antiques Diva Wood Wax

The Antiques Diva Wood Wax

One of the things I love about my job is that I continue to learn about antiques every day. Learning about the care and protection of woods is key. Often when antiques are exported from Europe and Asia to America buyers encounter a problem… wood furniture can dry and fade due to year-round artificial heat or air conditioning. In Asia I discovered a wood wax manufacturer and designed our first product, The Antiques Diva Wood Wax! It’s a custom wood wax blend scented with lavender so your wood furnishings smell lovely, are protected and always look their best. I chose a clear wax to show-off the aged patina of your furnishings and avoid discoloration. And I chose the lavender scent because shouldn’t your antiques smell lovely? Reminding you of that trip you took to Provence with AD&CO?

Wax has been used for centuries by craftsmen to add luster and polish to wooden furniture. Wood wax enhances the finish on your wood products and adds an extra layer of protection. Wood wax can be used to clean and rejuvenate wooden furniture, utensils, cabinets and even floors. Clear wax lets the original beauty of your antiques shine through and restores the original luster to your pieces. Over time, use of wood wax adds depth and warmth to your furniture. Professional woodworkers suggest that you apply wood wax with a cloth or pad, wait and allow the wax to absorb, then polish and buff with a soft cotton cloth. And of course, clean up any spills as quickly as possible.

We’re looking forward to our products coming to a store near you! If you want to be an Antiques Diva Wood Wax distributor, email me:

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva®