Diva-scovery: Passamaneria Valmar – Florence, Italy

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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>One of the only trimmings stores in Florence with an on-site workshop, Passamaneria Valmar has been selling every conceivable tassel, trim, tieback, cord, and border for the last half century. And what’s not for sale in this tiny family run boutique on a smart street by the Palazzo Davanzati, will be made-to-order.

Passamaneria Valmar
Via Porta Rossa, 53/R
50123 Firenze Italia
Phone: +39 055 284493

Web: http://www.valmar-florence.com/
Email: to:valmar@valmar-florence.com”>valmar@valmar-florence.com

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photo courtesy of store website

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