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Mid-Century in Belgium

Dear Diva Readers,

Serious shoppers in-the-know go to Belgium to buy antiques, vintage and decorator pieces at the positively brilliant prices. While it may be our smallest tour country geographically, Belgium makes up for its modest size with amazing finds at great prices! While you can certainly find fantastic antiques of several different styles including Flemish, French, English, and Swedish, Belgium is also home to some of the best Mid-century modern dealers in Europe.

Mid-Century in Belgium-Chair

Mid-Century in Belgium-side tables

Pick up any international shelter magazine and you will find Mid-century pieces being incorporated in every type of interior imaginable. In Belgium you can find an entire range of Mid-century pieces. From larger furniture pieces like seating, desks, dining room tables, and commodes to smaller furniture like side tables, livingroom tables, and side chairs, Belgian dealers are scouring Europe for the sleek silhouettes and sexy lines of Mid-century style. But they’re not stopping with furniture. Several of our sources offer gorgeous mirrors, decorative objects, and lighting as well. In fact, a lighting is one of the most popular categories clients are looking for right now. Belgian dealers stock a range of lighting options from huge mid-century glass chandeliers, to smaller chandeliers, standing lamps, desk lamps, and wall-fixtures. While it can be more difficult to find Mid-century artwork, we do have sources that deal in unique, qualitative and quantitative are from paintings to objects.

Mid-Century in Belgium-Chandelier

Mid-Century in Belgium-brass table

Some clients are looking for specific designer pieces that command a higher price due to their provenance. This is where our Buying Services can come in handy. We have very good sources for top-of-the-range exclusive and rare pieces of Mid-century furniture. We put the word out to our vast list of secret sources in our little black book, and when a particular piece becomes available, they let us know before putting it on the market. It’s a great way to add to a collection or source highly specific pieces.

Mid-Century in Belgium-buffet

For those who want the Mid-century look without the costly price tags, we certainly have seen a vast amount of pieces which are “in the style of” famous designers, but are offered at much lower prices. This is the perfect way to get the look you’re after without paying for the designer name. Regardless of whether you want to source designer furniture or simply get the look for less, you can find very reasonable prices in Belgium compared to what is for sale in larger American cities, or international websites which sell antiques.

Mid-Century in Belgium-metal chair

As far as trends go, we’ve seen clients buy a lot of Mid-century credenza’s, desks, seating, and lighting as of late. That means these items are popular and will be showing up in America stores, homes, and on magazine covers in the near future.

Mid-Century in Belgium-desk

If you’re interested in booking an Antiques Diva Mid-century Buying Tour in Belgium, I’d recommend a 2 to 3 day tour depending on the scope of your interest. Send me an email at and we can talk about your wants & needs to determine the perfect custom tour for you! if you can’t make it over to Europe but still want to source Mid-century pieces, email me about our Buying Services. You may just find it’s easier to source antiques in Europe than you thought!

Until next time,

The Antiques Diva®

My Shelfie

Shelfie, Antiques Buying Tour Belgium, Tongeren, Flea Market Finds,

Apparently the latest trend in “selfies” is “shelfies” – photos of artistically arranged shelves being posted on social media sites. I’ve been taking “shelfies” for years but never knew they had a name. My library shelves are a combination of literary wizard and mad scientist as I mix and match pieces and periods, adding some eclecticism to my décor. In general my style is modern meets antiques – I shake it up a bit with my shelf décor.

On this shelf vintage books and the Bible mix with a reproduction bronze statue picked up at High Point Antiques & Design Center with some vintage chemistry sets picked up on one of our Belgium Antique Buying Tours at the Tongeren flea market. Tucked under one beaker? The skin from a cobra I held on vacation last year in Thailand.

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