A Paris Shopping Tip from Babyccino

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The Babyccino Crew
top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>The 4 lovely ladies blogging at Babyccino are always full of great tips! This recent scoop on their site was so good I had to share it with you. Make sure to visit the Babycinno site for more exciting articles from The Babyccino Crew.

Babycinno writes:

It’s been the talk of town. Merci, Paris’ newest concept store, opened its doors last week. When I visited it was so new they were still finishing off the paintwork!

Even if you are just in Paris for an afternoon, it is worth checking out. A huge loft style space houses a florist, an eclectic bookstore, a wonderful vintage collection, designer clothes at a discount, homeware and a great kid’s clothing and accessories area. It is the kind of place you can pick up a delicate Isabel Marant necklace for 20 euros or spend several thousand euros on a sofa.

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Merci is the brainchild of Marie-France Cohen whom, 30 years ago, founded Bonpoint. After selling the Bonpoint empire she decided that she wanted to give something back and so came up with the idea of Merci. All the profits of the store go directly to a charity founded by Mme Cohen for children and women in Madagascar. Everything on sale is donated by designers and is sold at a discounted rate in the store. There are lots and lots of treats for moms, but if it’s kid’s stuff you are after, the children’s corner is great, full of Bonpoint and other goodies. There is even a counter selling Bonpoint fabric, so if you are a bit of a credit cruncher you can make your own little outfits and not have to compromise on quality of the cotton!

This place is definitely a labour of love. When I went with my friend Belinda to check it out, Marie-France Cohen herself was the person helping us out and making sure that we were getting all the attention we needed.

Now honestly, is there a better way to use your credit card than with the knowledge that ultimately your spending is going to charity? I think not! Happy shopping, I say!

Emilie at Babycinno
“The Diva of The Day”

P.S. Carol at Paris Breakfasts recently posted a series of pictures of the interior of this shop… to check out Carol’s site and to get more info on Merci visit here.

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