Best Restaurants in Paris – from a Local’s Point of View

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While it’s always fun to hit some of the famous Parisian places like Les Deux Magots, Angelina’s Tea House,” target=”_blank”>La Tour D’Argent or Les Ambassadeurs, most clients also want to know where the French go out to eat in Paris.  Who better to answer that question than Antiques Diva Guide Danielle P, a Parisian native, who dishes on where she dines in Paris when she wants to get off the beaten path away from the tourists!

Danielle loves Clos des Gourmets.

Clos des Gourmets Paris Restaurant

But her all time favorite Parisian Restaurant is Caves Petrissans. With such a convenient location nearby Place Charles de Gaulle it’s surprising that this wine bar isn’t heaving with tourists. Mention Antiques Diva Guide Danielle and you’ll be treated like friends when you tell Marie-Christine you know her! Danielle and her husband have been so often that she became friends with the owners. Do note this local restaurant tends to be closed on weekends.

Cafe Petrissans Paris

If you’re staying on the Left Bank, you might want to consider Atelier Maitre Albert a lovely place in a lovely street in a 17th century area close to the river. With a menu around 36€ it’s a bargain!

Atelier Maitre Albert  Paris Restaurant

Café Constant is another Parisian favorite and it happens to be nearby La Fontaine de Mars.

Cafe Constant Paris Restaurant

Nearby Danielle’s Parisian apartment she often dips out for a bite to eat at Le Brandevin for traditional French cuisine.

Now this last tip may not seem very French, but Parisians LOVE Japanese food. When you’re shopping on Rue de Passy, you can easily dip over to the Japanese restaurant Akasaka on the nearby Rue Nicolo. In addition to being Danielle’s favorite Japanese place it’s also a favorite with French actor Gerard Depardieu!

Japanese Restaurant Paris

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