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When you imagine the flickering fantasy of New Orleans it’s the lanterns dotting the French Quarter that casts a romantic glow in your mind.  But did you realize that in a day and age of increasing globalization, this city’s iconic copper lanterns are still made locally by hand using old world techniques in a family-run business here in New Orleans?

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I’m delighted that this morning we’ll start our day out with tour” target=”_blank”>BlogTourNola getting to know the family who runs Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights  and having an opportunity to explore their factory.  This company was first founded in 1945 and revolutionized the gas lighting industry – 6 decades and 3 generations later they’re still going strong supplying not only locally but in 29 countries.

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And speaking of strong, perhaps I should mention I like my coffee strong.  We’re heading out the door to tour their shop with #BlogTourNola at 7am, and rumor has it that Beignets and Coffee will be the olfactory pied piper should any of the Bloggers stay out too late the night before.  I must confess the first night on #BlogTour I joined a few friends on our roof-top terrace to dip our toes in the pool and continue chatting in a more intimate setting!

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While #BlogTourNola involves a LOT of wining & dining,  it’s really all about design and in essence design is popular because it is through design that each makes our house a home, giving our homes a personal stamp.  But what if you didn’t have a home?  With the advent of new “news and natural disasters”, Hurricane Katrina may seem a long time ago – in fact, it was nearly 8 years ago – and yet New Orleans is far from being completely renovated and there are a lot of residents still displaced from the disaster.

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One of our #BlogTourNola sponsors –” target=”_blank”>Silestonehas been actively involved in the restoration efforts – they are a key partner in Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation.  Silestone will pick us up downtown and bring  us to Gentilly in the north of New Orleans – one of the hardest hit areas during hurricane Katrina  where many families lost everything they owned.

 Photo Credit: The Examiner

Three families are now able to move into their newly remodeled or rebuilt homes through the help of The Storehouse of Worldvision which supplies building materials to over 2 million people in need, annually. The Storehouse project is supported by many great corporate sponsors and manufacturers of building materials and home products, including BlogTour sponsors the NKBA and torehouse-of-world-vision-and-nkba-help-three-deserving-families-rebuild-homes-ahead-of-the-2013-national-kitchen-bath-industry-show-kbis-in-new-orleans/ ” target=”_blank”>KBIS.

We at #BlogTourNola are proud to be among the first to tour the completed homes and share more about this important project. We’ve been invited to do this, to spread the word that the work is not over yet Our# BlogTourNola community has a combined reach of 1 MILLION Twitter followers and we’re hoping to use the power in our tweets to make the world aware that there is more work – and help needed – here in New Orleans.

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Next up we’ll visit an amazing modern architectural project. With Hurricane Katrina, these new Modernist designs are the “new” New Orleans. Brad Pitt’s foundation has produced over 80 homes and involved many local architects in addition to industry icons like Frank Gehry.

As the afternoon gives way to evening, we’ll continue celebrating design, attending the NKBA Design Awards night and dinner.

Net, net – today is guaranteed to be another amazing day in New Orleans!!

Stay Tuned for more Blogs from Crescent City!
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