Saint Emilion in Bordeaux

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Saint Emilion in Bordeaux Village-de-Saint-Emilion

Saint-Emilion is in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region and is known also for its gorgeous architecture, making it the perfect place to enjoy the European (and Diva) lifestyle. It was named after Emilion, a hermit who is said to have performed miracles in this area and eventually converted it to a religious epicenter. From the 9th to the 19th century, the soil was mined and extracted, thus creating the the look of the town we see today. The underground galleries beneath the villages in this region still exist today and contribute to the vineyards’ successes.

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Saint Emilion in Bordeaux Saint-Emilion-cloitre

Saint-Emilion’s soil is a mix of sand, clay, and limestone, which, when combined with the micro-climate which exists here, makes it the ideal place to grow grapes for merlot, which is often blended with cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon or malbec. This results in a wide range of aromas and flavors for which Saint-Emilion is known for worldwide. In fact, wine has been important in this region as far back as 1199 AD when John, King of England delegated his economic, political, and legal powers to the noblemen of the region to let them rule. This wine-brotherhood still promotes Saint-Emilio wine around the world and organizes the Spring Feast every year.

Saint Emilion in Bordeaux Saint-Emilion-eglise-Monolithe

One of my favorite places to stay is the gorgeous chateau in the heart of the town called Hostellerie de Plaisance. With it’s terraced gardens that overlooks the bell tower of the monolithic church – it’s fit for a diva! The buildings are carved in the rock and you almost feel enveloped by the massive stones. The views, the architecture, the wine—it’s like a dream world!

If you find yourself in the Bordeaux region, we highly recommend stopping off at Saint-Emilion for a glass—or two—of wine as you take in the beautiful scenery and savor the European way of life.

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Announcing Bordeaux Tours

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As I sip in satisfaction I had to take the time to write and introduce you to your Bordeaux Diva Guide: Tara Neuville!

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Tara takes her antiques expertise to heart.  Her antiques career began in Seattle where she worked as a dealer stocking her store through sourcing antiques abroad.  When love intervened and she moved to France marrying a Frenchman and raising a family, she went to work at the Paris Flea Market leading antique buying tours.  Then after 10 years scouring the antique markets of Paris, she took her expert skills to Bordeaux when her family relocated!

She quickly became a fixture on the scene and can often be found making a deal(s) at the Brocantes  around her home town on the weekend.

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When working with clients – two words describe Tara’s tours – High Energy!  Once she understands what you’re looking for – she will custom plan your itinerary and then translate and negotiate to get you the best deal on antiques in Bordeaux!

Tara Neuville is a mostly self taught antique dealer, although she served apprenticeships with prominent affiliated members of the trade.   She found her mentor in the Seattle antique business who acquired his expertise in France, Belgium and England.  For 20 years of their 30 year business relationship she accompanied him on buying trips in England and France.

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As a young child of 5 through buying her antique sterling silver cherub hand mirror she discovered her passion.  From there she went to school specializing in antique recognition and interior design.

Tara has always been a collector of many things, so with early influences it was inevitable that she developed a keen interest in decor and furniture. Her early collecting focused on antique boxes and sterling silver napkin rings ranging in periods and materials. She started to sell items from her collection to fund further acquisitions.

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Her natural, friendly personality and networking skills give her access to a large portfolio of local dealers and traders in the industry. She has a talent for establishing authenticity and a keen eye for quality and condition.

Tara believes the key to leading a successful antiques buying tour is about understanding the products and matching them up to the right clients and finding a price so that both parties – client and vendor – are happy. Her golden rule is honesty and integrity.

We’re delighted to have her join our Antiques Diva Team!


The Antiques Diva®