Reader Question: Eiffel Tower Collection

THE ANTIQUES DIVA™ TOURS – CLOSED FOR ANNUAL VACATION DURING AUGUST – REOPENS SEPTEMBER While my tour guides are taking a much needed holiday and I’m away for the month of August sipping champagne at sunset on a Mediterranean Cruise (after taking a driving tour of Italy), I haven’t forgotten you, my loyal readers, in my absence. August 2008 you’ll enjoy a multitude of guest blogs, pre-posted light blogs and miscellaneous reader questions. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with more great addresses and shopping tips this fall! All email inquiries or posted comments will be responded to come September!


top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Dear Antiques Diva,

In the photo showing the raspberry lining of your husband’s suit in the ton.html” target=”_blank”>Mangas & Café Coton blog, there is a tray of what looks to be Eiffel Towers in various sizes to the left. I could never convince my husband to be bold enough to wear that bright suit lining, but I think I could convince him to go for the tray of towers. As a Paris expat, I would love to have something like this in my own home. Can you show me a better picture of the Eiffel Tower Tray?


“Forever in France”


top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Dear Forever in France,

Bien Sur! You happened to hone in on my favorite “We’ll always have Paris moment”.

This is only part of the original collection – you’d be surprised how many forms of Eiffel Towers there are!

tower+collection.jpg”>tower+collection.jpg” />Just before moving from Paris to Amsterdam, my friend Lady Lotus hosted a killer going away party, allowing me to bid adieu to “tout mes amies”. In lieu of collecting money for a more traditional going away present, she asked each of my Parisian pals to bring an Eiffel Tower statue to the party so that when all was said and done I’d have a collection to remember my friends by.

I’ve taken the coordinating towers and placed them on a tea trolley that I bought for a dime at the dearly-departed Depot Vente de Paris. The memory of the day purchasing that trolley while out with “tres bonne amies”, then lugging it across the city on the metro, carrying it up the stairs at Louvre Rivoli, and then finally dragging it, with a loose & wobbly wheel, across the pedestrian bridge towards my home on the Rue de Seine — all the while wearing a vintage, ankle-length fur coat brings me to fits of tears at what was one of my favorite Paris moments. I apparently looked so urban eclectic, crossing the Pont des Arts, that I was photographed repeatedly en route by a rogue photographer who asked me to sign a waiver releasing the pics for his use. Though I’ve never actually seen this photograph in circulation, I’m convinced one of my dear readers will run across it, labeled as “unidentified Parisian”, on the pages of Vogue, Elle or Madame Figaro and I trust you’ll email that magazine with the proper nomenclature – The Antiques Diva™.

When Lady Lotus moved away from Paris, she decided that she loved my Eiffel Tower collection so much that she wanted one just like it! Although after seeing all the varieties of towers I received, she decided against asking for the collection as a farewell present (fearing she’d end up with a few elephant or giraffe-shaped Tour Eiffels) and she hand selected her own chic collection. Because she was buying in bulk, she had major bargaining power.

toma+with+tour+eiffels.jpg”>toma+with+tour+eiffels.jpg” border=”0″ />Another friend who loved the idea of an Eiffel Tower collection now buys one tower trinket every time she is in Paris as her “bonne souvenir”, building her collection as swiftly as she builds Parisian memories.

I’d be curious to know how you’re using your Tour Eiffels….

Until next time, Gros Bisous et Au Revoir!

The Antiques Diva ™