Fall 2008 Dates for the Foire Nationale de la Brocante et du Jambon

Dear Ms. Antiques Diva,

tou+pig.gif”>tou+pig.gif” border=”0″ />top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>I have a question I hope you can help me with. The show dates for the Chatou March Brocante are widely available. Every year, however, finding the dates for the Chatou Fall show is difficult. If you know the dates for the 2008 September/October Chatou show, I would appreciate knowing them.

I hope to hear from you!

Ms. DZ from La Crosse, Wisconsin


Dear Ms. DZ,

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Foire Nationale de la Brocante et du Jambon Sep 26 – Oct 5, 2008

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>I am happy to oblige and I agree that the autumn dates are a tad elusive. At present, they are not even posted on tou/foire/acc.htm” target=”_blank”>the fair’s own website, but you came to the right source. I hope you’ll soon be booking an Air France flight to gaie Paris! Say what you want about “Paris in the Springtime,” but I, for one, love Paris in the fall! The Foire Nationale de la Brocante et du Jambon will be held September 26 to October 5, 2008. If you’re a professional antique dealer or decorator, don’t forget you can register to come a day early (on Sept 25) before the fair opens to the public. This allows you first dibs and to avoid the crowds whilst rubbing shoulders with other chi-chi professional shoppers on Dealer Day.

Should you reach exasperation at not being able to find out the exact date in the future, you’re always welcome to ask me, The Antiques Diva™. But in the meantime, I’ll let you in on a little trade secret.

One of my best resources for finding a brocante date is a French magazine called Antiquites Brocante. Ms. DZ, you didn’t say in your email if you speak French or not, but if “tu ne parle pas francais”, have no fear! Though this magazine is written in French, anyone who knows how to read a French address and is willing to learn the names of the calendar months can decipher the advertisements and market announcements for the Foires, Marchés et Brocantes. While an article would be too complicated for a beginner, the dates alone are worth their weight in gold.

You can pick up a copy of Antiquites Brocante at virtually any magazine stand in Paris. My favorite magazine vendor happens to be the one in the La Motte Picquet Metro station just before you descend the stairs to take the Line 10. They have a beautiful selection of French decorating maggy’s and tend to be conveniently located on metro treks across the city. I also have spent loads of “louis d’or” on deco magazines at Buci Presse, 4 Rue Grégoire De Tours, in the 6eme, where they sell both English and French publications.

Bonne Brocanting!

The Antiques Diva ™

Brocante: A French flea market or bric-a-brac fair. Especially interesting to aspiring diva’s as French antiques and vintage goods are sufficiently more chic than used goods from other countries.

For more details see the tou/foire/acc.htm” target=”_blank”>Foire website or, better yet, read about it on the pages of the The Antiques Diva!
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