One Minute Diva: Clutter Control in the Bathroom

to 10px; WIDTH: 300px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 400px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />Dear Diva Readers,

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>You might have already guessed this about me, but I’m a girly girl. My bathroom is filled with all sorts of potions and perfumes, oodles of accessories and creams for this and that. Needless to say, clutter control is down-right a necessity. And while I’m always searching for antique cupboards, cabinets and commodes for s toring things out of the way, there are a few things I need to keep within easy reach but still want organized in a more controlled environment. My Diva-worthy bathroom clutter control solution: a French brocante find now available for $60/47 Euro on “Treasures” by The Antiques Diva™ is this charming vintage champagne bucket!

to 10px; WIDTH: 300px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 400px; TEXT-ALIGN: center” alt=”” src=”” border=”0″ />When I’m not using this Moët et Chandon heavy-duty champagne bucket to chill bubbly, it’s repurposed year round as a chic catch-all beside my bathtub! Perfect for the inner diva in everyone!

The Antiques Diva™

(with artfully arranged bubbles!)

Diva News Network Video – Brussels – Place du Grand Sablon

Building on momentum from last week’s DNN Video The Hague, I decided to hit the streets again, diva style, in this special DNN episode on Brussels Place du Grand Sablon. This posh square boasts an upscale weekend antiques market every Saturday 9 am – 5pm and Sunday 9am – 1pm. Lining the square you’ll find lively cafes, chic designer shopping, interior stores and enough high-end antique boutiques to see why the Place du Grand Sablon is considered “THE” place to be for weekend Belgium entertainment. Join me as I share historical and tourist information and then delve deep inside the market to show you some of the best finds of the day!

The Antiques Diva ™

This Brussels video was picked up by CNN and shown on their homepage on October 6th, 2008. Click here to see the official Antiques Diva shown on CNN!

A Reader’s Photo

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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>From time to time, Antiques Diva™ readers email me with questions, tips or compliments. Having correspondence with my blog readers makes cyberspace seem a little smaller, a little more intimate and a whole lot more friendly. Just yesterday I received an email with this attached photo from Philip, the Cyprus-based author of “Taxi Diaris” – whose site name means “one who loves traveling” and not “Taxi Diary” as I first assumed!

He wrote, “A picture I had last Sunday in the seaside reminded me of you Diva!”

Thanks Philip!

The Antiques Diva™

Belgium Art, Flea Markets and Brocantes Spring/Summer 2008 Calendar

April 17 – 21 – Art Brussels
Brussels Expo Centre

May 1 – 4 – Antiek en Brocantemarkt,Havenbuurt, Blankenberge

May 16 -19 – Eurantica Brussels – Fine Art & Antiques Fair
Palais 5 de Brussels Expo

June 1 – Grote 9 Straaten en Pleinen Rommelmarkt, Gent

June 27 – Avondrommelmarkt – Kuringen

July 5 – Rommelmarkt, Veurne

August 2 – Trammelant Rommel en Kunstmarkt, De Haan
(Vendors dressed in Belle Epoque costumes)

August 23 – 24 – Brocante Rommelmarkt, Temploux

September 13 – Grote Rommelmarkt, Gent

September 13 -1 4 – Zomerendemarkt, Klemskerke


The Antiques Diva™