Chateau Deulin Antiques Fair

Chateau Deulin Antiques Fair BelgiumI’ve been around the world and I, I, I….” (sing with me people) have never visited a castle as magnificent as this. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the Belgian countryside in the fall and shop for antiques at a privately owned Chateau? While the Chateau Deulin always has antiques for sale by private appointment – this is one of our favorite diva-worthy sources in Belgium – for the next two weekends Chateau Deulin is hosting the Chateau Deulin Antiques Fair!


Join our AD&CO team October 1 and 2 and next weekend on October 8 and 9 in the Chateau Deulin Antiques Fair where chic shopping meets Chateau living as a plethora of top antique dealers gather on the grounds to sell out-of-this-world antiques.

Shop for everything from fine 18th-century furniture to jewelry and tabletop items. Clients are always gobsmacked when they visit the castle and its grounds, as enchanted by the turrets and as they are the lovable family who calls this palace home sweet home. Over the last several years as I’ve visited the Chateau I’ve been able to watch as restoration took place, one section of the chateau at a time, and finally after extensive restorations the renovation is complete and the Chateau is ready host the many antique-lovers who will be pouring in this month to shop the fair. If I were to have a second wedding I’d definitely do it in their chapel – the chateau does rent out the facility for private events and gatherings as well, and rumor has it, there is a suite of rooms in one of the wings for special guests.

Should you not be traveling in Belgium this weekend, but want to book a special Antiques Diva Tour drop me an email so we can book a special Antiques Diva Weekend with you at the Chateau visiting nearby antiques venues whilst sleeping and dining in the castle.

Bonne Shopping,

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva®