Chattic & The Antiques Diva Make Collecting Cool with Real-Time Appraisals from the Miami Beach Antique Show #chatticlive

I recently attended The Original Miami Beach Antique Show for the first time and was gobsmacked by the size of the show and the sheer number of antique dealers onsite! Diva heaven!  In addition to leading a tour of the show, I teamed up with Nicole Sawyer and Dan Thieleman, the founders at Chattic, a new way to ‘value your old stuff,’ to lead a series of Facebook Lives for Chattic! I’m on a mission to make antiques modern and relevant to younger people: and I believe technology is key! I was super-excited to introduce this new technology at the show with some real-life appraisals of people’s collectibles – right in their own home! Just as Chattic believes The Antiques Diva® & Co is the new Antiques Roadshow,  I’m convinced Chattic is the new way to value your old stuff. The IOS App is coming soon – Chattic invites you to be the first to beta test the app. Go to and enter your email address – tell them The Antiques Diva® sent you!  

New App Teaches You How to Value Vintage & Antique Treasures

Chattic, The Antiques Diva and The Original Miami Beach Antique show announced are all on a mission to make collecting cool and bring the antiques and vintage industry into the 21st century.

Chattic teamed up with legendary appraisers Stuart Slavid from Skinner Auctioneers who is also a regular expert on the PBS series The Antiques Roadshow, and Paul Haig founder of Haig’s of Rochester – Fine Jewelry & Objects of Art, to bring #ChatticLive; a digital TV show streamed on Facebook Live to provide viewers’ answers from experts on demand by simply sending in digital photos of their unique vintage and antique finds.

Nicole and Toma explained,

This is the first time users have had the opportunity to interact in real time, for free, with world-renowned experts in the antiques industry without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

On Chattic, users can snap photos of their items and post them on the app for crowd-sourced feedback.

WATCH The Antiques Diva challenge Stuart Slavid to a Burlesque dance-off and Chattic users get answers simply by snapping photos of their unique items.

During #ChatticLive Stuart gave users actionable tips on posting photos for online appraisals.

Stuart Slavid’s Online Appraisal Tips:

    Look at the picture yourself make sure you can see whatever information you want to portray.
    Don’t just send one picture, take several from every angle. Snap photos of the top, bottom, sides, front, back. Vague photos mean a much longer conversation than need be.
    Elaborate on the condition, dimensions, and take close-up photos of signatures or any distinguishing marks.
    Take a photograph of your piece next to something standard like a soda can or cell phone to give the appraiser an idea of relative size.

Chattic user Amy from Indiana learned her two vases were actually Chinese Republic porcelain, roughly 100 years old with a value of $800-$1200! Congrats to Amy!

Vases | Chattic & The Antiques Diva Make Collecting Cool with Real-Time Appraisals from the Miami Beach Antiques Show #chatticlive

Chattic user Halina from Florida sent photos of a unique piece of jewelry that her father-in-law found in a New York City cab in the 1950’s. For the first time in nearly 70 years, she finally got answers on this mysterious treasure.

Halina locket | Chattic & The Antiques Diva Make Collecting Cool with Real-Time Appraisals from the Miami Beach Antiques Show #chatticlive 

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How do you think technology can be used to keep antiques relevant to younger buyers – I’d love to hear your ideas!

Toma – The Antiques Diva