Behind The Scenes Visit to Chatuchak Market, Bangkok (watch)

Chatuchak Market Bangkok Antiques Tour

Whenever I’m traveling in the world I love shopping the flea markets – exploring the world through retail. When in Bangkok, Chatuchak Market (aka the JJ Market) is the place to go. It’s massive and sprawling… and the best bits are hidden. Most tourists arrive amidst the tourist tack or get lost in the maze that sells literally everything from pets to candles to t-shirts. The lucky ones find their way to the housewares and decorative accessories – even the reproduction antiques – but to get to the true antiques, off the main soi’s, tucked away in alleyways you need an expert’s hand and that’s where we come in. Our Thailand Antiques Tours Diva Guides not only know the vendors, but they know the hidden antique warehouses, they know the fakes from the genuine pieces and they know how to avoid the heat – escaping occasionally from the brutal heat into AC and when and where to rehydrate with a fresh coconut. They even know the best loos.

Shopping the JJ Market without The Antiques Diva & Co simply put is a waste of your time. We save you money by bargaining on your behalf – remember in Thailand negotiation is an art. And as we know the market like the back of our hand, we save you energy by helping you avoid both sensory overload and frustrating dead ends. What To Buy? Everything, but our favorites include Thai Wooden Carvings, Burmese Antique Teak Furniture, Buddhist Manuscript boxes, Handwoven Hill Tribe Baskets, Theater Chairs, Shophouse Display Furniture, Antique Textiles and Art Prints, Architectural Remnants, Vintage Garden Furniture, Khmer Stone Carving, Retro Accessories and billions of Buddha heads (both tourist market reproductions as well as original period pieces). And while these aren’t antique we love them – Thai and Chinese silk and silk lanterns and lighting galore. Not to mention jewelry – both new and old – as well as fusion fashion. And let’s not forget fabulous lunch. In Thailand it’s all about the food – the Thai eat ALL DAY LONG, so you won’t turn a corner without another opportunity to feed your mouth. And of course, we know where the best bites are. Our guide meets you at your hotel and whisks you away to the market so you avoid getting lost in the crowds – taking you directly to the area of the market you’re most interested in seeing.

Antiques Sourcing at Bangkok Chatuchak Market with Toma Clark Haines The Antiques Diva® – Watch

photo credits: Thaung Sint 


Welcome to Bangkok! and welcome to Chatuchak Market, also known as Jatujak Market, or, simply JJ Market.

Join your host Toma Clark Haines, CEO, The Antiques Diva & Co; and Angela Somwaiya, our Head Antiques Diva Asia Guide; and Melanie Aus, locally-based Antiques Diva Guide. The tour begins with us meeting you at your hotel. Then we hit the market. Most tourists get lost in the maze. There are 8,000 stalls over 35 acres. You’ll find a lot of tourist tack, housewares, decorative accessories, fabrics, and handicrafts.

But The Antiques Diva & Co know where to find the TRUE ANTIQUES, and the BEST VINTAGE and DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES.

Shopping builds up an appetite. We have a quick coffee… then we’re off again! Immerse yourself in the local culture. Time for coconut juice!

Leaving JJ Market to visit a nearby secret source.

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Chatuchak Market Bangkok Antiques Buying Tours Feature:

  • Unique Asian brass fittings and hardware
  • Vintage mechanical
  • Asian lighting decor
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Prints
  • Hindu and Buddhist statues
  • Wood carvings
  • Lacquerware and prints
  • Architectural salvage

Let your senses be thrilled – your Chatuchak Market antiques tour is guaranteed to offer surprising finds! And we will make sure you stay fresh and refueled, and ready to experience everything Thailand has to offer!


Toma Clark Haines The Antiques Diva®