Chez Sarah in Paris

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Chez Sarah in Paris Flea Market

Chez Sarah in Paris Flea Market

While our vintage fashion tour includes many sources, shops, and stops along the way we certainly have our favorite places that specialize in high-quality vintage fashion. One of those places is Chez Sarah located off the beaten path in the Lecuyer Passage at the Paris Flea Market. I love to go in and sift through the historic clothing and textiles.

vintage fashion at Chez Sarah in Paris Flea Market

Chez Sarah is not just flea market finery – it has evolved into a real shop that is beyond imagination! It’s the ideal place for anyone with even the slightest interest in vintage fashion—whether you are a serious collector, a fashion designer, or someone looking to purchase a piece wear every day. From clothing to laces & ribbons, hats, lingerie & corsets, bags & shoes, fabric samples, vintage jewelry, and even men’s vintage fashion, Chez Sarah has something for everyone! Its positively huge!

vintage fashion at Chez Sarah in Paris Flea Market

Being born into the business—Sarah is the granddaughter of a chiffonier— she took over the business from her mother and inherited the eye for quality and detail learning her trade at her mother’s knee. What I enjoy is hearing the story behind each piece and imagining myself giving it a new life or rather continuing its story. When shopping for vintage fashion I can’t help but to ask myself… “Who wore that hat before? What events has that gown been to? Whose closet did that outfit hang in?” I suppose vintage fashion is similar to vintage and antique furniture in the fact that each piece has a story to tell. But that’s the charm of the past… other lives, other times, other place and other stories.

When you’re shopping the Paris Flea Market – Chez Sarah is a must-visit! And if you’d like more information on our Paris Vintage Fashion Tour or any of our Antiques Diva Buying Tours, email us at We’d love to share more of our secret addresses and share with you our Europe!

Toma Clark Haines in vintage coat from Chez Sarah in Paris Flea Market

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