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A Case For Couture Bedding by Toma Clark Haines The Antiques Diva

A Case For Couture Bedding

Creating a Couture Bed is an Act of Self-Love

Toma Clark Haines Brand Ambassador Pandora de BalthazarFor years I’ve joked that I have an haute couture body… Simply put, I love all things luxury. From 1st class flights (upgraded for free, bien sur… I may love luxury, but I also love a good deal… ) to champagne, fashion and jewelry, I was born to live the Diva lifestyle. I believe every day should be lived beautifully and with grace. This joie de vivre is something the French have embraced for centuries from fine dining to wearing only the finest quality clothes. However, it was not until I became Brand Ambassador for Pandora de Balthazár that I realized I could experience luxury during sleep as well! Pandora has spent years traveling the globe in search of fine antique textiles, and as a result has amassed one of the largest collections of linens in the world. She’s collected knowledge and experience along with textiles and has even created a European Sleep System. Perhaps one of the best things she’s taught me, however, is about couture bedding. While many of us are familiar with couture clothing, couture bedding is something that can change your every day – or should I say every night– life for the better.  

A Case For Couture Bedding

Couture Bedding by Pandora de Balthazár

I often find myself in conversations about why antiques are relevant today. In a world of throw-away pieces, antiques are made of quality materials and are meant to last. They are also unique and often one-of-a-kind, which is what people are after. Today’s discerning buyer wants to purchase pieces that show off their individuality rather than something that’s been mass-produced. From clothes to furniture to art, people want the things in their lives to reflect them. That’s where couture bedding comes in. Creating a bed to your specific requirements and taste is a luxury in itself!

When just beginning to create a vision for what you want your bed to look and feel like, Pandora suggests sitting on your bed, closing your eyes, and concentrating on your breath. The calming effects of taking air into your lungs and slowly exhaling puts you in a serene state of mind, as if you are just awakening. From this relaxed place, open your eyes and think about what it is you want to see when you first wake up each morning. What is it you want to feel? Would you prefer soft colors or bold invigorating hues? Do you want to be enveloped in sumptuously soft cottons or does a slightly stiff linen blanket sound perfect to you? Making choices from this frame of mind ensures that you aren’t just buying what’s offered you. It means that you’re aware of your specific wants and needs, allowing you to create a couture bed!

The Antiques Diva custom couture bedding line is available to order

The Antiques Diva custom couture bedding line is available to order

Just as fashion changes with the seasons, your bed should reflect them too. In the summer months, you may opt for an antique white linen blanket cover, perhaps with delicately embroidered flowers on it. Soft colors like trousseau blue and pale pink will make a room feel airy and light, perfect for those bright warm mornings and evenings filled with lingering twilight. In the fall, you may choose a beautiful cotton blanket cover to go over a Hungarian goose down duvet or perhaps add a plaid wool blanket to the end of the bed which can be pressed into use on a chilly night. Perhaps one of the easiest and most fun ways to create a couture bed is by using accent pillows. Whether they are patterned, uniquely shaped, or monogrammed, accent pillows instantly add personality. 

couture pillows by Pandora de Balthazár

Couture pillows by Pandora de Balthazár

Regardless of your personal style, creating a couture bed is an act of self-love that offers great returns. Think about it – we spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed and it’s where we begin and end each day. Shouldn’t it be a special place that speaks to the taste, style, and personality of the one who sleeps in it? Creating a couture life for your sleep – if that’s not part of the Diva lifestyle, I don’t know what is!

To Order Custom Couture Bedding

The Antiques Diva Couture Bedding by Pandora de Balathazár is available made-to-order to your specific requirements and preferences. Pandora’s design team will work with you to design luxurious custom couture bedding for your décor and lifestyle.

Contact: Pandora de Balthazár Lifestyle

Bonne Nuit, 

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva® 

Root Cellar Designs

Dear Diva Readers,

As a woman entrepreneur and blogger, I am fully aware of what it takes to start a business and then keep the momentum up. You have to truly love what you do in order to maintain an energy level that allows you to grow and expand your business. That’s why I’m always excited when girlfriends of mine are able to succeed in business! My friend Tamara Matthews Stephenson has a fabulous blog, Nest by Tamara which was one of the first blogs I started following online back in the beginning of the blogosphere.  She frequently writes about antiques and how they influence her interior design. I’ve had the privilege of taking Tamara on an Antiques Diva Tour in Milan in conjunction with Blog Tour Milan by Modenus and am always happy to paint the town red with her when in New York!

Root Cellar Designs, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Nest by Tamara, Modenus, Blog Tour Milan, The Antiques Diva, Custom textiles, Susan Young,

Tamara and her friend Susan Young have recently launched Root Cellar Designs, a fabulous custom textile company, and I’m so proud of her and impressed by the Spring 2015 line that I want to feature it here on my blog! The pair of ladies have backgrounds in the fashion and interior design industries and have pulled from both of these arenas to create fabrics that are whimsical, stylish, and take cues from history, which I love of course!

Root Cellar Designs, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Nest by Tamara, Modenus, Blog Tour Milan, The Antiques Diva, Custom textiles, Susan Young,

The fabrics are digitally created and printed on cotton/linen fabric which means they are durable and easy to live with. I love the fact that they are using new technology along with historical influences to create an innovative product! The team says, “We like playing with history and traditional elements then tweaking them so they are fresh and new, and we are excited to note that you most likely will not see our designs anywhere else in the home marketplace.”

Root Cellar Designs, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Nest by Tamara, Modenus, Blog Tour Milan, The Antiques Diva, Custom textiles, Susan Young,

Their products have been featured in NY Social Diary, The Editor At Large, and New York Spaces, among others. They’ve used philanthropic causes to give back and promote the line this year including The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Black Tie Tabletop Gala, Housingwork’s 11th Annual Design on a Dime Charity Showhouse and Sale, and the Third Annual IFDA NY Chapter’s Take A Seat Auction to benefit Habitat For Humanity. Come summer, Root Cellar Designs will begin selling at various design and art shows throughout the NYC metropolitan area, and they hope to offer products online by fall 2015.

Root Cellar Designs, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Nest by Tamara, Modenus, Blog Tour Milan, The Antiques Diva, Custom textiles, Susan Young,

I’m so proud of Tamara and Susan for following their dreams and starting this business! I love when women can take their experiences and pair them with their dreams. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these women and Root Cellar Designs—I’m sure we’ll be seeing some wonderful creations this year!!! Congratulations ladies!


The Antiques Diva®   

(Seen here at my Antiques Diva Paris Flea Market Fete with Tamara – in the middle – and friends)
Root Cellar Designs, Tamara Matthews Stephenson, Nest by Tamara, Modenus, Blog Tour Milan, The Antiques Diva, Custom textiles, Susan Young, Toma Clark Haines, Paris Flea Market Party

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