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What's Trending at HPMKT Fall 2017 | Toma Clark Haines | The Antiques Diva

The Antiques Diva Takes Over: HPMKT Trendspotter

Delighted to be an HPMKT Trendspotter: I’m sharing my design inspirations at High Point Market on Instagram to help you discover new, unique products: follow @highpointmarket!   #designonhpmkt   #hpmkt   #interiordesign  #interiorinspo #interiordesigners


The Antiques Diva Takes Over HPMKT

@TheAntiquesDiva is Taking Over #DesignOnHPMKT  If you are only going to stop at one #IHFC showroom at #HPMKT then you must make it @curryco at M110. Their stylish designs and fab price points will leave you begging for more. This #PhyllisMorrisOriginal is coming home to my new apartment in Venice. #divalifestyle


Antiques Diva Take Over #HPMKT
Some of the best-kept secrets at #HPMKT are upstairs in the #HPADC.  @TheAntiquesDiva has taken over #DesignOnHPMKT and we are declaring that #BrownIsBack Traditional furniture at @lolofrenchantiques has #TheAntiquesDiva seal of approval. Come meet Louis while taking a lesson in the Louis and learning about #FrenchAntiques


 If you want to see what’s now, what’s next at #HPMKT – then you MUST shop @Rue_Auber_Antiques at #HPADC for @TheAntiquesDiva top pick for #DesignOnHPMKT

Pop into Market Square to meet Richard Auber – who is truly a visionary in Design and a trendsetter in the Antiques world.


The Antiques Diva Takes Over @ HPMKT
Come see the essence of chic at @nancypriceinteriordesign at #HPMKT in The Suites at Market Square G6000B. @TheAntiquesDiva is taking over #DesignOnHPMKT


The Antiques Diva Takes Over HPMKT
@_RobinBaron is Pretty in Pink launching for the first time at #Hpmkt in Salon Suites at Market Square G-6000A @TheAntiquesDiva is taking over #DesignOnHPMKT and I declare the Baroness is Always right that #ConfidenceBeginsAtHome #divalifestyle


Where do you get your design inspiration?


Hope to see you at Spring HPMKT! 
Toma – The Antiques Diva 

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