Poor Man’s Caviar

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Earlier this week, CHEF in BERLIN guest blogged on The Antiques Diva ® site giving all the Diva Details of Caviar. At the end of the her article she mentioned something called “Poor Man’s Caviar” – a French dish that bakes whole eggplants and mixes them with a head of garlic to make “Caviar D’Aubergine”

CHEF in BERLIN explains that when you roast a whole eggplant it’s center becomes warm and mushy – add to that a whole roasted garlic clove – and it’s diva divine party food! She advices “Add some freshly grated parmesan cheese, sea salt and pepper. Easy, tasty and ever-so-simple.”

CHEF in BERLIN goes on to explain, “There are lots of alternatives to this recipe with the addition of lentils, peppers and other stuff but in my mind – simplicity works well here. Slather it on a chunky baguette, and sip some champagne.”

Poor Man’s Caviar – preheat oven to 350F/170C

1 whole eggplant (washed)
1 whole head garlic
1/3 cup parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon lime or lemon juice
2 teaspoon oil
salt & pepper to taste

Scrub the eggplant and poke it several times with a fork. Place it on a foil lined baking sheet. Cut the top off a head of garlic, drizzle it with oil and loosely pack it in foil. Put it on the same sheet as the eggplant and bake for 45-60 minutes. It’s cooked when the eggplant deflates. When cool, slice open eggplant an scoop out the flesh and put it in the blender. Squeeze out the garlic and add it with the remaining ingredients. Puree, et voila! You can also add a few teaspoons of Sambal Olek to jazz up the taste. Bon Appetit!

Take a tongue in cheek approach to entertaining and pair your dip with individual caviar servers for diva entertaining at its finest!

Happy Cooking,

The Antiques Diva

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