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Photo above is one of the sensational series on the Paris Breakfasts Blog

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>While I don’t have children myself, I have been utterly bewitched by the four femmes at Babyccino and find myself laughing out loud over their dazzling style tips and true-life commentary on life in Europe. While my husband, WG, & I might be atypical “” target=”_blank”>Dinks”, my morning browse through their blog makes me feel like I’m sitting at my favorite café, Les Deux Magots, chatting with girlfriends as I sip “un grand crème” and eat one croissant too many.

Written by 4 mums located in 4 different cities – London, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam – this site describes itself as “a daily dose of city life mixed with products and parenting tips.” Though written for “the urban mom”, it’s certain to be a delight for anyone interested in European Living!

With a name like Babyccino, you’d expect this blog to be strictly for “the parenting-set,” but not so! As I’m not in the market for becoming a parent anytime soon, I tend to glaze over the childhood rearing tips (much as I do when sitting at a cafe with my mommy-friends) and then I take time to linger over their wildly funny tales of Valentines plans gone awry, shopping tips on the best mobile phones for women of the world, political ponderings or beauty product reviews. Today’s blog on “To Kiss or Not To Kiss” moved this blog up to the top of The Antiques Diva “Diva-Worthy Links” list!

Keep Up The Good Work, Babyccino!

The Antiques Diva™

(seen at right having a tea party with my 5 darling nieces in Oklahoma)