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top: 5px; float: left; color: white; background: #781300; border: 1px solid darkkhaki; font-size: 60px; line-height: 50px; padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: times;”>Here at The Antiques Diva & Co we love nothing more than shopping for antiques all across Europe, but one thing that helps make the Antiques Diva experience so special is our wonderful Guides! Jennifer is one of our local Paris Guides and we sat down with her recently to discuss a few of her favorite things about Paris and the tours/france-antiques-tours/paris-antiques-tours”>Antiques Diva Tours in this City of Light! The best part about having locally based Guides is getting all the inside scoop concerning the antiques industry, trends, and where to get the best bargains. With that in mind, let’s chat with Jennifer…

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Paris Diva Guide Jennifer

Antiques Diva®:
What is your favorite piece you’ve found while shopping the Paris Flea Market?

Diva Guide Jennifer:
My favorite piece would be a bould de rampe / boule d’escalier. My father collected them while I was growing up so they are special to me, and are hard to find now. Often they are Baccarat or Saint Louis, so of course French. Think ornate crystal ball that goes on the top of a newel post for decoration. Like bling for your stairs!  One time I found a pretty grass-green one that was an unusual color so of course it had to be added to the family collection.

Paris antique shopping tips: Baccarat or Saint Louis, bould de rampe / boule d'escalier, Paris flea market shopping, Decorating tips
Image Source: Brown Rigg Antiques

Antiques Diva®:
What type of pieces would you say a client could find for a bargain in Paris?

Diva Guide Jennifer:
I find that you can often get a bargain on bigger/heavier pieces; things that are harder to get home and not as easy to fit in with today’s scale (smaller rooms with lower ceilings). Most people can make room for a desk (bureau) or commode (bureau), but a large armoire or bonnetiere (with one door) can be harder to place. I find that some of the darker and carved pieces in the Louis XIII or even Louis XIV style can be too visually heavy for a lot of people. They just aren’t as popular as the Louis XV or Louis XVI pieces, therefore you can pick them up for a better price.

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Photo Credit: Jose Manuel Alorda

Antiques Diva®:
What makes the Paris tours special in your opinion?

Diva Guide Jennifer:
First of all the Paris tours are in PARIS, and who does not want to go to Paris?
! Beyond the incredible city that we are in, I think the particular history and folklore of Les Puces adds to the charm and allure of the tours. The sheer size, variety, and selection of what is available is truly something to behold.  The proximity to Paris is also a plus. If you know where to go and what is really worth seeing, the markets can easily be seen in half a day. You don`t have to be a dealer to enjoy the experience. To me it is like the other monuments in Paris; something that should be seen by everybody. I have had many clients spend many hours at Les Puces and then still be back in Paris to enjoy a kir near the Eiffel Tower later in the afternoon.

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Paris is always a good idea!

Antiques Diva®:
What type of pieces can one expect to find in Paris?

Diva Guide Jennifer:
I think Paris has a great scene for some of the big names in Parisian couture. Chanel fans will be amazed at the selection of clothing and purses and collectors will be impressed with the choices and variety of jewelry. We also have some excellent sources for vintage Louis Vuitton luggage or trunks. Goyard is also a favorite but not as well known.

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Antiques Diva®:
Do you have any secret sources in Paris that may not be available to the public?

Diva Guide Jennifer:
While not really secret, I think the Drouot (Parisian auction house) has amazing bargains. It can be intimidating and complicated for foreigners, but the bargains can be shocking. This is where I always take family and friends if they want a real Parisian experience without the Parisian prices. We do offer Paris Auction House tours!

Paris antique shopping tips: Hotel Drouot auction house, Paris, Buying antiques in Paris, Sourcing in France, French antiques, The Antiques Diva
Attending an Auction at the Hotel Drouot

Antiques Diva®:
What’s the biggest myth/misconception about shopping in Paris?

Diva Guide Jennifer:  
From personal experience I have found that it can be cheaper to buy something here and ship it abroad than to buy the same thing in the US. I have also found that it pays to know what you are doing. While not common, there are fakes and copies out there.

Antiques Diva®:
What’s hot in vintage Chanel right now?

Diva Guide Jennifer:  
What is Diva-hot in Chanel (i.e., what our clients seem to like) is jewelry. Clients have been amazed at the prices and selection compared to what they can get in the US. Plus there is something for everybody ie you don’t have to spend a fortune on a pair of earrings or something smaller. I was interested to learn about the older jewelry, who made it and how the quality was so much  better. It is not all big ‘C’s and crosses!

Paris antique shopping tips: Vintage Chanel, Didier Ludot, Vintage Shopping in Paris, City of Light, The Antiques Diva
Making a Private Appointment to visit Didier Ludot on a Paris Vintage Shopping Tour

Thanks Jennifer for sharing some of your favorite things about the Paris Antiques Diva® Tours! If you would like to book an Antiques Diva Buying Tour in Paris or any of our 8 tour countries, email us at”>

Au revoir et a Bientôt!

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