The Art of Cruising

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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>With the recent financial melt-down, the travel industry is faced with a gloomy economy. But one aspect of travel is actually expected to grow – cruise sales!

Given the state of the US economy currently, some of the most “economical” vacations can be cruises. Many Americans still wanting to visit Europe are finding that typical “land-based” vacations are quite costly given the weak USD to Euro. They can cruise throughout Europe, however, on ships with US currency-based systems so many of the normal expenses are not exposed to the exchange rate differential.

Cruising is an excellent way to cover a lot of “ground” and, surprisingly, to save a few dollars. Rather than reading about it here, why don’t you visit the website of my friend Phivos – who has surprised me with a blog in English and Greek using mostly ship snapshots from my recent 20 day Mediterranean cruise.

Thanks Phivos!

The Antiques Diva