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Friends La Reine & Lady Lotus shopping & drinking Champagne with me in Berlin

Dear Diva Readers,

My friend “La Reine”, author of  She’s Shopping Now (and social media guru of Hire Catherine) just sent me a note saying, “This article on tory-cocktail-ring/?cm_mmc=Social+Media-_-Twitter-_-cocktail%20ring-_-02052013 ” target=”_blank”>RueLaLa reminds me so much of our girls trip in NYC a few years ago.  Remember the cocktail ring you bought at the Green Market?”

Cocktail Ring

Remember the ring?? It’s my Favorite!  I paid a mere $12 dollars for the ring and didn’t even have the heart to negotiate as I liked the piece so much.  Years later I still get compliments on the stunning bauble and when I confess what I paid (I can’t help myself but to share the news that I got such a good deal) people gasp, “NO!! I would have thought that you paid a few extra zero’s than that!”

Costume cocktail rings can be shockingly good values when picked up at flea markets – and they are usually available in abundance.

Following La Reine’s lead I popped over to RueLaLa to read about the tory-cocktail-ring/?cm_mmc=Social+Media-_-Twitter-_-cocktail%20ring-_-02052013″ target=”_blank”>Cocktail Rings Storied Past and loved these tips so much I had to share a few details

The cocktail ring actually originated in the 1920’s during Prohibition.  Flapper Girls would wear oversized rings on the hand with which they held their illegal cocktails!

Later on during the women’s equality movement, the cocktail ring defined the modern-day “independent woman”.  Wearing a ring you bought yourself (instead of a ring purchased by a man) was a sign of autonomy! (note to my husband, I won’t feel you are hampering my rights if you want to buy me a ring.)

By the 1950’s the cocktail ring was no longer controversial… merely chic! Ideal for playing dress up and wearing to the now-more-mainstream cocktail parties!

Today – the Cocktail Ring is the PERFECT SOUVENIR to buy at the flea markets when you’re traveling.  It’s small, easily packable, and always a conversation starter, not to mention inexpensive and readily available at almost any flea market.

Flea Market Shopping for Cocktail Rings


Where I bought mine?
Green Flea Market NYC

A great location on the Upper West Side. Columbus Avenue between W. 76 & 77 Streets

When to Go?
Sundays 10 AM to 5:30 PM (Nov.-Mar.) and 10 AM to 6 PM (Apr.-Oct.)

All this talk of cocktails has me thirsty… Cocktail anyone?

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