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Part of the magic of my company is that I don’t do this alone. I have a team of 18 Diva’s who help lead antique buying tours.  I asked our Italian Diva Guide Susan Pennington her advice and she came back with a slew of Roman Architectural and Garden options.

As Susan explains, “The area just above Rome is Viterbo, which is the most populated with both gardens to tour and antique/architectural sources to buy. I happen to be passionate about gardens and villas, perhaps my English blood, and have visited many in my 20 years living in Tuscany.”  For those of you who don’t yet know our Italian Diva Guide Susan she’s British by birth, Italian by choice.

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Parco Bonmarzo is one of Susan’s favorite gardens to tour. Located in Lazio, it has Etruscan, Roman and Medieval influences, giving it a sense of history and a unique style of its own. Also known as “The Villa of Wonders,” one passes through the gardens only to come upon stone figures and life-like statues of animals. From elephants to three-headed beasts to Neptune, what’s known as The Park of the Monsters is a sixteenth century fantasy world.

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For a true journey to the past, visit Castello Ruspoli which dates back to 847 AD where original traces of the structure can be found built into the cliff where it lies. Over the centuries it’s been used by Pope Leo IV as a convent for Benedictine monks and a private residence by several noble Italian families.

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For a taste of sixteenth century architecture, Palazzo Farnese is just the ticket. The Palace was built in the shape of a pentagon, and lends itself to the feel of a fortress more than a villa, surrounded by a deep moat which today we recognize the great bastions specially angled left as to demonstrate the great military power of the Farnese family.

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Giardino dei Ninfa is an ideal place to tour if you love historic gardens as it is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. With an overall Anglo-Saxon style, the Garden of Ninfa contains paths that spread out  in a non-geometric fashion, all leading to informal plantings. Spontaneity is the name of the game and visitors are rarely aware of the human hand in the garden.

If you find yourself in Italy, you simply must visit some of the wonderful old villas and castles.  Hopefully this list can be a starting point for your adventures (or at least daydreams!). We’re always happy to recommend places to see for tourist adventures alongside your antiques buying tour.  Consider booking an Antiques Diva & Co Buying Tour in one of our 8 tour countries–France, England, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands or Germany- just email”> for more information.

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