Dealers at Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

Dear Diva Readers,

top: 5px; float: left; color: white; background: #781300; border: 1px solid darkkhaki; font-size: 30px; line-height: 15px; padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: times;”>While recently leading an antiques buying tour of the 25th Bath Decorative & Antiques Fair 2014 I was able to reconnect with some favorite dealers as well as see some new faces and shop their stalls for all sorts of treasures!  Let me give you a recap of my top picks from the fair.

George Johnson Lady Kentmores

George Johnson of Lady Kentmores Antiques is a vivacious force in the antiques world.  His fresh ideas and unique inventory keep his stall interesting and a fun place to search for pieces you won’t find at just any antique shop.  George is a founding member of the Antiques Young Guns and has a vast knowledge not only of Scotland (where he is based), but also of the antiques industry in general.  Watch this space.  George might just be our newest Divo as we’re discussing starting Antique Diva Buying Tours in Scotland!

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

I’m smitten with another Antiques Young Gun member, James Gooch of Doe & Hope.  He had an amazing stall at the fair.  He paired unusual pieces like natural coral under glass domes and animal skulls with traditional antique furniture all set against a moody backdrop. Shopping his booth was almost like stepping into a cabinet of curiosities; the type of place that Alice might have encountered on the other side of the looking glass.  Distressed leather chairs commingled with inlaid tables while stately portraits of forgotten gentlemen gazed on the scene from the deep blue walls.

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair Swedish Antiques Diva Guide

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair 4

Of course we saw our wonderful Swedish Diva (ahem, DivO) Guide Daniel Larsson of D Larsson Interior and Antikhandle.  Daniel deals in fine Swedish antiques ranging from 18th to late 19th century.  What I love about his pieces are their wonderful patina- think pale painted Gustavian and Swedish country furniture with just the right amount of wear.  If Swedish furniture is what you’re after, Daniel is the guy you want to talk to – either to shop his own inventory or to have him to take you on tour to our secret sources in Sweden.

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

Josephine Ryan Antiques was there as well with a beautifully displayed stall, bringing her signature style to the fair.  Natural fibers on settees paired with painted furniture in soft hues made for a pleasing look.  Combine that with a few quirky accessories such as a mounted animal skull and a taxidermied hare and you are left with the calming feeling that you’ve entered a European farmhouse where the owner has amassed everything through inheritance, and life hasn’t changed much for a century or two.

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair Antiques Diva

If glam was what you were looking for, Ancient And Period LTD had it in spades.  A zebra rug, black leather and chrome mid century chairs, and the perfectly proportioned mirrored (stainless steel) cocktail table set the scene for the ultimate in modern glam.  I could picture the entire set up in a chic apartment in New York. 

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

Casa Nova specializes in original painted Swedish and Scandinavian antique furniture and decorative pieces.  Their stall was curated so nicely that I could have moved right in!  They had cabinets and tables in the traditional pale colors typical of Scandinavian furniture as well as a few beautifully painted item like the blue Swedish clock.  Confession – I’m partial to Swedish antiques – and these fabulous dealers who have to be the most hospitable at the fair.

Overall the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair offered a wide variety of dealers and merchandise to choose from.  It’s always fun to catch up with dealers and find out what new pieces they’ve acquired!

As soon as we’ve got the date for next year… we’ll let you know so you can mark your calendar. It’s a small fair… but one of the best in England.  Perfectly choreographed!

Until next time,
The Antiques Diva®

PS:  To book an Antiques Diva Tour or inquire about our Buying Services so you can source antiques abroad virtually, email”>

Lady Kentmores Antiques

George Johnson

Dear Diva Readers,

top: 5px; float: left; color: white; background: #781300; border: 1px solid darkkhaki; font-size: 80px; line-height: 70px; padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: times;”>A highlight of our recent trip touring through Scotland was a visit to Lady Kentmores Antiques.  This shop – located at 35 Main Street in Callander, Scotland – is as wonderfully quirky and fun, fantastic and eclectic as the shop owner, George Johnson, himself. Simply put, I loved it! Consider this eccentric shop a “Don’t Miss Stop” on a Scotland Tour with something for virtually everyone.

Trade readers take note: shop owner George is clearly onto something… in a day and age where shop owners are complaining about the lack of foot traffic in their store, Lady Kentmores was positively heaving with customers searching out a random variety of paraphernalia from sensational sixty’s ephemera for mere pence to a thousand quid antique silver brooch. If Lady Kentmores were a martini, it would be equal parts vintage, antique, vaudeville with a dash of freak show – shaken, not stirred.

George Johnson

Look at the loot we bought at Lady Kentmores!!  Don’t you just love the Victorian horse slippers I bought as a Christmas present for my rancher father? My niece scored both a dagger and Venetian mask and my husband the gin decanter! Still regretting I didn’t nab that purse!!

The Antiques Diva®

George Johnson, Antiques Diva

Antiques Diva Toma Haines and George Johnson

George Johnson

George Johnson

George Johnson

George Johnson

George Johnson

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Guest Blog: All I want for Christmas is Vintage

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Happy Shopping Readers, so Ta Ta from Me – The Antiques Diva – and

Hello from George Johnson of Lady Kentmore Antiques


Guest Blog – A Vintage Christmas

I am just back from a trip to the local city with my wife and I’m always amazed about how many people go crazy this time of year buying bags full of gifts for friends and relatives. How many of these items do we even remember the next year?As a family we have always tried to avoid this ourselves, as we give each other vintage gifts for Christmas and indeed for other occasions, when we have family wedding we always give an antique item or even a small gold coin as these are gifts that have a history and also can be a investment for the future for the couple getting hitched.

Christmas is a time for families and a lot of people are gifting family heirlooms – this might be in part due to the current financial climate but also it might be because people are realising that massed produced store bought goods don’t really stand the test of time. Most of my own treasured possessions are items that once belonged to my great grandparents and grandparents that have been passed down to me, not only do these items look fabulous in my home they also give the house a sense of history and belonging.

I have been having a look around the web to see what vintage gifts I could find for a traditional family and the range of antique and vintage good available is astounding and can suit every taste and budget. For each family member I will choose a budget and a luxury item.

For a fabulous sixty-something mother I have found these wonderful items.

How about this fabulous Victorian Blue Opal & 1.40ct Diamond Pendant, it is a stunning example of high quality Victorian jewellery and would make any mother very happy on Christmas morning. It is for sale on the website for £3,275.00.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far there are still lots of more pocket friendly items out there like this vintage Enid Collins jewelled owl ‘Wise Guy Box Bag’ from 1962, it is in unused condition and would be a fabulous and unusual present, these bags are becoming very collectable but you could pick up this very fine example from for £285 which is a great price for this desirable item.

For the 30-something daughter Vintage items are a brilliant buy and can have much more style and glamour than their  high street bought equivalents.  If budget is not an issue this William Comyns Silver & Tortoiseshell Box would look great on any dressing table and would be very useful to keep her best jewellery in. The Tortoiseshell Jewellery Box, with applied Stirling silver swags and beautiful roped edged borders, stands on four tortoiseshell bun feet. It is hallmarked for 1904 and is for sale on the”> website for £ 3,750.00.

A girl can never have enough handbags and vintage bags can be wonderful presents as they are very functional and can also be great investments, this fabulous vintage orange Chanel handbag dates from the 1980’s and has never been used it oozes style and glamour and would bring a smile to any girl’s face when she unwraps it on Christmas morning, it is for sale on for only £799.

Buying for a sixty-something Father is always a hard one as they seem to have everything they need but I have managed to find two items that would make any dad happy on Christmas morning.

If that is a bit too rich for you this Elegant Coromandel Tantalus that was made by retailers Benetfink Cheapside has a silver-plated carrying handle and silver-plated decoration on the sides and front. It’s a wonderful gift that would get years of use it dates from circa 1880 and contains three superb full cut Hobnail decanters with faceted stoppers & star-cut bases – all contained in a satinwood surround within the coromandel frame. It is for sale on”> for £995 and I am sure it would get a lot of use over the holidays.

So what vintage Gifts could you find for the thirty-something Son, I have decided to go down the quirky route as these kinds of collectables can be the most fun and are great for the person who has everything. The luxury item I would choose would be Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 training suit, signed by the man himself, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing in history. In July 1969 he became the second person to ever step on the moon’s surface and how fabulous would it be to have one of the his signed training suits framed in your office. Well if you fancy making someone’s Christmas you can buy this from for the grand price of £75,000.

This might not be in most people’s budget but this is and it is one of the most fun items I’ve seen, who wouldn’t laugh when they unwrap a Piano Playing taxidermy Frog. Standing at 17cms high this little bullfrog is sure to create a fun atmosphere on Christmas morning and he is for sale at for £85.

So as you can see there is plenty of choice if you fancy giving vintage gifts and in a lot of cases the presents that you find can be a lot more personal and fun.

Happy Holidays from the Divo of the Day,
George Johnson of Lady Kentmores Antiques


George Johnson writes about antiques and quirky collectibles for national magazines and publications including Antique Info Magazine and Antiques News.

George owns Lady Kentmores antique & collectable shop in Callander, Scotland. It is very different from the majority antique shops that you might come across. But what else could you expect from someone who has a mission to make antiques and collectables “The New Rock’n’Roll”?

His life goal is to inject the antiques trade with a shot of fun and quirkiness. He started trading in antiques from an early age and has knowledge in the traditional aspects of the market.  But it’s the quirky side that he finds really interesting. From 1970s platform shoes to 15th Century Pirate chests, he loves anything different.

George is from a travelling showman background and this is a heritage he is very proud of, he can trace his families’ funfair & circus roots back through both sides of his parents. This lets him bring a bit of the Victorian fairground showmanship & entertainment into the antique industry.

If you would like to find out more about George visit or on twitter at