The Two Toma’s and The Round Top Texas Antiques Show

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>While you know me as The Antiques Diva™, my friends and family call me by my given name, Toma. It’s an unusual first name and when introducing myself to a new friend it always requires an explanation – “My parents were expecting a boy and were going to name me after my grandfather, Thomas”. Fortunately I have a healthy self-esteem and figure that my parents lucked out in getting me rather than a rotten little boy called Tommy! But imagine my surprise when last December while visiting my father in Durant, Oklahoma I stumbled upon another lady named Toma! Before meeting her, I thought I was the one and only!

Over time, The Other Toma began reading my blogs and before long we became modern-day pen pals, discovering that not only were we name twins but that our interests and hobbies were strikingly similar! She’s an Estate Sale Diva with an incredible network of fabulous haunts in the Midwest USA for antiques, vintage and just plain junk! Lucky for you, she has recently started a blog called” target=”_blank”>Victorian Cobweb giving estate sale advice and telling readers about tips and treasures in her “neck of the woods” in southern Oklahoma!

Today she posted such a fabulous tip that I couldn’t let it go unnoticed by Diva Readers! Sadly I’ve never been to this fair, but next year I’m thinking “The Two Toma’s” should do the fair together – Diva Style!


The Antiques Diva™

P.S. Should you know another “Toma” please do email me – We might just start our own club with all our exclusive name twins!


Victorian Cobweb writes:” target=”_blank”>Fall Round Top Texas Antiques” target=”_blank”>

Just around the corner is the antiques show of the year for the South Central Region of the United States and……….I’ve Never Been! I’m talking about Round Top – Texas that is. Opens September 30th and closes October 4th this Fall, the Sprtop.jpg”>ing dates are March 31st to April 4, 2009. So mark your calendars and dust off your walking shoes because this is the biggest show this side of the Mississippi!

top.jpg”>top.jpg” border=”0″ />It started about 40 years ago by an enterprising little lady by the name of Miss Emma Lee Turney and her company Antiques Productions in the old Round Top Rifle Association Hall. The Round Top Antiques Fair, Round Top Folk Art Fair, Antique Annex, Carmine Dance Hall and Show Tent are still the biggest and best shows of the whole fair that has grown to include small towns in the area; Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine and Shelby, plus smaller shows along the way.

Dealers start setting up as early as 3 weeks in advance…. so early shopping would be the ticket to the treasures!

If you are making plans to go this year, keep in mind this late in the year you probably won’t be able to find lodging very nearby (especially considering all the evacuees from Hurricane Ike). But plan now for next spring and fall.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

The Other Toma – at Victorian Cobweb