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Can Comfort and Glamour Go Together?

Dear Diva Readers,

You could definitely say that The Antiques Diva® brand is associated with a glamorous lifestyle—after all, we love fine antiques, foreign travel, chic hotels, gourmet meals and, of course, Champagne by the bucket load! But often, when it comes to homes, people think that glamour and comfort cannot go together. That’s simply just not the case! I want to share some tips on how these two can live harmoniously and make your life uber chic but still comfy cosy!

Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

Photo credit Laila McCubbin Jones


First of all… go for the comfy couch.  Trust me, when it comes to nap time you won’t regret it.  But then add in antique French side tables and gorgeous little Louis chairs that are perfect for entertaining if not necessarily watching tv.  My home (prefire) is a great example of how comfort and glamour go hand-in-hand.  Art work, sculptures, gilt and crystal are perfect ways to up the glam factor in your home without sacrificing comfort. Ornate frames that set off grand oil paintings instantly transform a room. If your style is more chic, go with sleek black frames, thick white mats, and black & white vintage photography. That’s a sure fire recipe for chicness! Also think about adding a bronze sculpture on a pedestal to your space. I have a collections of  Art Deco bronzes that adds a luxe feel to my living room. And if your ceiling is high enough please promise me you’ll go for a chandelier like in my old apartment in Berlin above (or better yet two – like in my new home below in Berlin)!

Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

andrew skipper, Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

Now… there is one formula for Glamour + Comfort that is a guaranteed win!  Go for a Chaise Lounge!  It adds instant, glamourous comfort to any room.  I have a gorgeous chaise in my loft home office and it looks so dramatic with its patinated gilding and fresh silk gray and white striped upholstery (my dear friend Linda Merrill helped me source this fabric when I couldn’t find it on my own) . And the good news is that it is SO comfortable!  You’ll note my colleague Andrew Skipper who helps out at Antiques Diva Headquarters might find it… a little TOO comfortable!!! 

Antiques Diva Headquarters, Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

For adding glamour into your home find antique pieces that have good proportions and have them reupholstered. That’s a great way to be sure that they’re comfortable and still stylish.   Don’t think antiques have to be fiddly and small!  Louis XIII chairs dating from the late 16th and 17th C have the most wonderful proportion to them.  And remember most quailty antiques aren’t actually that fiddly – there is a reason they’ve survived a couple of hundred years.

Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

When in doubt… light candles!  What’s more glamorous than candlelight reflected in elegant mirrors? Hang a couple of antique mirrors—better yet get some antique mirrors where the mercury has melted—then sprinkle lots of candles throughout your home. This will make it feel sexy and cozy at the same time—especially after the sun goes down! At The Antiques Diva & Co we love sexy décor!

Decorating with Antiques, Chaise Lounge, Glamour, Linda Merrill, The Antiques Diva, Berlin Apartment, Andrew Skipper, Comfortable Glamour, Chic Style

Photo credit Laila McCubbin Jones


Remember, glam antiques can certainly be part of a comfortable home. Just keep in mind proportions when it comes to seating and think about finishes for artwork & frames. And I almost forgot—antique rugs are a fantastic way to make a home feel regal yet warm (picture above of my study in my old Berlin apartment). They were made to last and the traditional patterns often lend themselves to a more upscale look. I think I’ll go sip a cocktail on my chaise lounge right now—all this talk has me feeling like I need a diva moment.

Ta Ta for now, darlings.  Be Chic.  Be Glam. And Be Fabulous.

The Antiques Diva® 

USA EDITION: Duxbury Antique Show with Guest Blogger Linda Merrill

Dear Diva Readers,

I am absolutely delighted to introduce you to the Diva of the Day – Ms. Linda Merrill, one of the most popular design bloggers on the net and I’m absolutely honored she agreed to write a guest blog for The Antiques Diva™ site! In addition to being a 1st class blogger, Linda is an expert in the fields of interior design, media communications & marketing. A lifelong passion for creating beautiful – and livable – spaces combined with a savvy business mind has brought her design work and writing to an international audience.

Linda offers her interior design services in person in Massachusetts and “virtually” world wide, which is a great service for budget projects both far and near! Her blog, Surroundings, offers her unique views on architecture, photographic tours, product reviews, design inspirations, special events and even movie set decor!

Serving on the Board of Directors of the IFDA (International Furnishing & Design Association) as VP of Communications, Linda is a sought-after writer and voice in the field of interior design. As if this lady doesn’t sound busy enough, she also produces and moderates my favorite podcast/radio show – the weekly roundtable discussion group, The Skirted Roundtable!

It’s this latter endeavor that first brought me worshiping at the alter of Linda!

Linda, along with Megan from Beach Bungalow 8 and Joni from Cote de Texas discuss blogging and interior design weekly on a radio show/podcast featuring an intimate profile with some of the top names in design including:
Alessandra Branca, Interior Designer
Charlotte Moss, designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist
Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar, designers, entrepreneurs
Grant K. Gibson, Interior Designer

Linda always keeps me informed on who’s who and what’s what in the world of design and today she’ll be sharing with you some fabulous finds she discovered recently while at The Duxbury Antiques Show.

On that note, TaTa from Me and Bonjour from Linda!

The Antiques Diva™



I went to the Duxbury Antique Show recently and found several items of interest that I thought your readers would enjoy. Just a little history, Duxbury (my hometown) is a small coastal Massachusetts town that was founded in 1636 as an offshoot of Plymouth Colony. Two of our most famous residents were John and Priscilla Alden – so history is all around us here! This was the 29th Annual Duxbury Antique Show and is mounted by The Duxbury Boosters Club, who raises funds to benefit the high school athletic department. The show is held in the high school gym and I must say it’s much more enjoyable to peruse antiques in that space than play dodge ball! I still have nightmares! But, I digress. The show boasted 50 booths and was quite a bustling scene!

Here are a few items that really caught my eye:

1) Copper Clothes Washer, 1912. $310

This “Easy” washer has recently been re-wired and the folks at Bent Nail Farm Antiques, Marshfield Hills, MA say it works. This would make a pretty fun conversation piece and perhaps make a great ice bucket for a big party!

2) Misc. silver plate serving pieces. $5-$12

This was a lovely little collection of silver plate serving pieces. I wished I’d had more than $13 in my wallet or my check book. While they are only silver plate, the pieces were well-priced. At Roland Morgan, Portsmouth, RI.

3) Decorative Squirrel water spout, $45

I thought this would make a lovely wall-mounted faucet for a vessel sink in a powder room. Obviously, you’d have to build it out a bit since it’s not wide, but it would sure be cute! At Jack Tullish Antiques & Fine Art.

4) Art Nouveau bust of a Medieval Noblewoman. 16-1/2′ high in painted plaster. $350

At Stephen L. Snow Auctioneers & Appraisers. Isn’t she pretty? I thought she’d look so pretty on a library shelf, or in a garden room. There’s just something so serene in her countenance.

5) Botanical prints at The Scrapbook, Essex, MA. $57 each

These are hand-colored wood engravings, originally printed around 1599. What a beautiful addition to a garden room!

6) Purple tinted antique bottles at Camille Buda & Matt King, Marshfield, MA Priced between $12-20 each.

Apparently, these small bottles would have been originally clear glass, circa 1880-1920. Manganese was used at the time to bleach glass to make it clear, but over time, sunrays or UV rays turned the manganese purple. A little research tells me that bottles this deep a purple would have been subjected to artificial UV rays in order to enhance the color. They sure are pretty though!

7) Victorian Candle lamps at Camille Buda Antiques, Marshfield, MA. Price not noted.

The glass globes of these candle lamps are so beautiful! The color just popped and is so fresh today. I was honestly not sure about the base – it looked too “stainless steel” to me and I wondered if they were replacements, but I didn’t have a chance to ask the owners.

8) Set of twelve Limoges oyster plates. $1,350/set.

Duxbury is known for its bay oysters, so these plates seemed right at home. I don’t personally like oysters, but I might change my mind if they were served on these dishes. I also love the idea of rough and gnarly oysters plated on porcelain and gold. At Ciel Glynn Antiques, Cambridge, MA.

9) Pewter and mirrored tile candle sconces. Pair for $425

I just loved these sconces and wish they were in my budget right now! They would produce such a beautiful glow with the candle light dancing in the mirrors. At Bayberry Antiques, Rockland, MA.

The Boosters usually hold this show in early Spring every year. Their website is here: Duxbury Boosters.

I hope you all enjoyed my selection of favorite items from this year’s Duxbury Antique Show!

Guest Blogger,
Linda Merrill

Linda Merrill, IFDA!

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings
PO Box 1206 Duxbury, MA 02332

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Founder & Host of The Skirted Roundtable

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