Largest Louis Vuitton Collection in North America

Dear Diva Readers,

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Catherine is one of those amazing people who divides her time between 3 residences – Chicago, Southern Florida and New York.  This not only makes her a great friend to crash with when traveling, but also means she is a great local “tour” guide, always showing me her newest discoveries. I particularly like visiting her in SoFlo as there are a plethora of brilliant antiques under the Floridan sun.  Today she’s sharing with you a recent “Divascovery” in Florida.

Catherine writes:
The storefront is attractive but not attention grabbing: I drive past ACP Home Interiors several times a day, always meaning to stop in and investigate what’s behind the Antiques & Country Pine sign. Finally, after several years of drive-bys, I stopped in. And discovered a South Florida gem I’d been missing out on.

ACP has been in Delray Beach, Florida for nearly 20 years, founded by Brit expat Bernard Molyneux and now run by Bernard and his wife Stephanie. I learned The Bernard Molyneux Collection is carefully curated with crafted reproductions of European-inspired furniture and is available in 30 retail stores across the country (as well as the Florida store, they have a shop and showroom in Atlanta that sells the collection).

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From my first steps into the lifestyle shop I loved the mix of light wood French Country reproductions, furnishings and accent pieces, blended with the blues and greens of seaside living: coastal chic, the way I live today. As I wandered from room to room of this former home which showcases the furnishings in a homelike setting, it reminded me of a designer showcase home: but with every nook and corner accessorized and styled to the hilt! The displays are luxurious, indulgent mélanges of practical necessities of daily life and totally decorative and charming imaginative vignettes depicting a charming but elegant seaside home.

Speaking with the team staffing ACP, I learned two things:

  1. There is a HUGE warehouse about 20 miles south filled with both reproductions and antiques furnishings.
  2. That warehouse holds most of Bernard Molyneux’s collection of refurbished Louis Vuitton trunks and cases.

Yes – you heard me right.  The REAL reason I’m sharing this discovery today isn’t the reproductions (which are gorgeous) but the gold mine off site.

ton-luggage.jpg”>ton-luggage.jpg” alt=”ACP Home Interiors, Louis Vuitton Trunks, Delray Beach Florida, Bernard Molyneux, Lifestyle shop, ” width=”552″ height=”402″ />

I had accidentally stumbled across one of the largest collections of vintage Louis Vuitton trunks in North America! I wandered the store, asked a few more questions, and promised to come back a day or two later with more questions.

ton-luggage-2.jpg”>ton-luggage-2.jpg” alt=”ACP Home Interiors, Louis Vuitton Trunks, Delray Beach Florida, Bernard Molyneux, Lifestyle shop, ” width=”552″ height=”402″ />

On my second visit to ACP Home Interiors, I reintroduced myself, and was surprised to find the gentleman answering my questions was Bernard Molyneux himself! Tall and charming, he told me a bit of his background, and when I explained my double-mission of exploring ACP for my own home décor needs, and sharing ACP with my friend The Antiques Diva®, he welcomed my interest, but assured me he was not involved with “blogging and twitter.” (This is clearly true: I’m a blogger for hire at HireCatherine and  my research proved that while ACP Home Interiors has an easily found website and Facebook page, the website has beautiful photos but is not updated: the most recent update on appears to be 2012; however Facebook has regular updates- including some gorgeous photos!)

ton-luggage-3.jpg”>ton-luggage-3.jpg” alt=”ACP Home Interiors, Louis Vuitton Trunks, Delray Beach Florida, Bernard Molyneux, Lifestyle shop, ” width=”552″ height=”397″ />

I made the 20 mile trek down 95S to Deerfield Beach, followed some winding and confusing roads through a large warehouse are filled with look-a-like low rise building, and after a few missteps found a small sandwich board saying Antiques and Country Pine OPEN. I started wandering room to room, saw some LV cases interspersed among the stylized room settings, and the jackpot! The Louis Vuitton Room. Several dozen Louis Vuitton trunks and cases, an LV golf bag, framed LV ads, as well as several non-LV trunks cowhide, aluminum and leather. Jackpot!

ton-luggage-4.jpg”>ton-luggage-4.jpg” alt=”ACP Home Interiors, Louis Vuitton Trunks, Delray Beach Florida, Bernard Molyneux, Lifestyle shop, ” width=”480″ height=”640″ />

A few facts about Bernard Molyneux and his collection of refurbished vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and cases:

-Bernard began collecting vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and cases as a hobby over 20 years ago

-He amassed such a collection he could no longer keep them at home, and began re-selling them in his shop and at antiques shows.

-The collection is one of the largest of LV trunks and cases in North America.

-Most of the collection is now at the Deerfield warehouse and available for sale.

-Select pieces are featured in the ACP online catalog.

The Details:

-ACP Home Interiors 2050 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL 954.481.1917

-ACP Warehouse 1240 E. Newport Center Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 954.481.1817

-ACP Home Interiors 1452 Chattahooche Ave, Atlanta, GA 404.231.1233

My tip: When shopping at ACP, ask if the market price is their best price. The ACP team seems very open to making sure the customer is happy and negotiating a special price!

Catherine Russell

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