Guide to Flea Markets in Tuscany

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Locally-based Italian Antiques Diva Guide Susan Pennington shares her advice on Where to Flea Market in Italy – enjoy!.

… the biggest and one of the best known flea markets in Italy, dealers rise at the crack of dawn to travel from far and wide to tout their wares and you need to be quick to steal their treasures.   Held on the first weekend of the month,  there are over 500 stalls selling everything  from serious antiques to fun collectibles; the weird and the wonderful make it practically impossible to leave Italys best flea market empty handed.

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… this flea market is a labyrinth to explore, meandering through the beautiful and elegant piazzas of the city.   On the third weekend of the month, come rain or shine, you’ll find the monthly antiques flea market with over 250 stalls to peruse.   The surrounding area is filled with grand and elegant villas and this market has that same atmosphere…  calm and reposed, quality not quantity is the key;  from delicately embroidered cuffs and collars to monogrammed linens and centre pieces,  fine crystal chandeliers to gilded mirrors and garden statuary.

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Firenze Fortezza
…  set in the park of the imposing 16th century Medici fortress in Florence, and surprisingly less trafficked than you would expect,  you’ll find most of the shoppers are Italian.   Although small this flea market is a treasure trove for collectables;  ceramics, mid century table ware, artwork and religious artefacts.    Third weekend of the month.   Combine it with wither Lucca or Siena for a full day of flea marketing!

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small & intimate, the flea market takes place on the third Sunday of the month in the old market square under the shadows of the towering town hall.   Most of the dealers are local, some have stores or warehouses to visit too, on appointment.   There is a great stall of mid century furniture and vintage clothing.   Look out for agricultural pieces for repurposing or simply decorating, glass and ironwork.

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Greve in Chianti

… this flea market is one of the best kept secrets.  This little Tuscan village three or four times a year (April, May, September and October)  fills its piazza to the brim with wonderful treasures pulled down from the attics.    We’ve found signed paintings, and antique hand painted Florentine pottery amongst other things for next to nothing!

One final word of advice… curate your style, stay focused, be decisive, stick with a budget… but above all have fun!

La Dolce Diva – Susan
The Antiques Diva® & Co