Haven in Paris

Dear Diva Readers,

Recently  I wrote to you telling about tour-of-paris-marche-aux-puces/ ” target=”_blank”>the article our friends at Haven in Paris shared on their HiP Paris blogThis week I want to share with you an inside glimpse at the fun & funky Parisian apartment of Haven in Paris owner Erica B. 

Earlier this year Erica and I had a chance to meet in person and I was absolutely smitten with not only Erica but the view from her Montmartre pied-a-terre as well as her divine French kitchen décor!

Above the door to Erica’s quirky kitchen hangs a giant Patisserie sign purchased at one of my favorite flea markets in the south of France. 

Erica happens to be a flea market maven and one day while shopping in Ville Neuve Les Avignons she honed in on the biggest bargain at the market.  This sign was going for a song and knowing she had a good deal on her hands she snagged this sign and before she left the market other vendors were coming up and trying to buy it off of her!  

In fact, I suspect this happens to her a lot for she has a great eye for French Flea Market finds and when I walked into her apartment my flea market mouth went into action!  Though I normally try to contain myself from trying to buy items off my friend’s walls, I immediately put in an offer saying, “If you ever want to sell that sign…” and she cut me off at the chase saying “Not going to happen!” 

I appeased myself by playing with her cat and laughed when Erica agreed with me that “A True Diva always has to try when they find something they want!” 

Erica happily showed me around her apartment and in getting to know her and seeing her fun French style of décor I could understand why her company – Haven in Paris – has become so popular.  She chooses apartments with personality – that show the French joie de vivre and style of décor.  Her commitment to excellence in quality guarantees the apartments in her selection are top quality.  Plus – you may not know this – but when Erica is at her other home in Italy she rents out her Bourgeois Bohemian partment as part of the Haven in Paris line up of sensational places to stay in Paris. 

Make sure to visit tour-of-paris-marche-aux-puces/ ” target=”_blank”>Erica’s blog – HiP Paris – and check out Haven in Paris apartment rentals on your next stay in the city of light (or in her other locales in Tuscany and Provence).

Au Revior,
The Antiques Diva®