A Holiday Romance

Dear Diva Readers,

Imagine my surprise last night…. I’m reading a book before bed, snuggled down under the covers… and I read the following excerpt:

Did your apartment come furnished this way?” Sloan ran to a pair of matching Napoleon III canapé sofas.
“Nope.”  He watched as she bounced from one piece to the next around his immaculately furnished apartment…..
He almost mentioned that she must not have seen it in Architectural Digest…
“A decorator?” she asked?
“Nope I go to Europe once a year, and…”

Sloan picked up a framed photo off the bookshelf of a group of smiling antiquers in front of an antique shop in France. “You do European Antique Buying Tours with The Antiques Diva?!”

Reading my name – and my company – mentioned by my favorite chick lit author, Malena Lott, was simply surreal! It turns out both main characters of this romance book are my clients!  I’d say that is a match made in diva-heaven! Throughout the next chapter references are made to antiques bought on Antiques Diva Tours that happen to be used in decorating the apartment.   In the back of the book there is this brilliant excerpt that says something along the lines of… You know how usually characters mentioned in a book aren’t real? Well in this case The Antiques Diva is a real life character!”

with author malena lott

I was very fortunate last fall to meet Malena Lott IRL (in real life) to chat about the book she was writing and to share with her some of my favorite antique pieces for her to include in the story.  If you haven’t yet read one of Malena’s books, add her to your Must Buy list! I love Dating Da Vinci and Fixer Upper.

I thought since today was Valentine’s Day what better day to tell you about this romance book – Sterling & Sloan: A Holiday Romance by Malena Lott.

Happy Reading… And Happy Valentines!

The Antiques Diva® (seen here with my valentine whispering sweet nothings in my ear!)

BJ Haines Antiques Diva