Brendan Von Enck Shares His 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market

Welcome to today’s guest blogger Brendan Von Enck, manager, agent and consultant at Fashion+Decor, as he shares his 1st visit to the Paris Flea Market with Antiques Diva Guide Katie. Enter our giveaway and #TellMeAboutYourFirstTime by Oct 25!  

My 1st Time at the Paris Flea Market

by Brendan Von Enck

design industry professional Brendan Von Enck: My 1st visit to the Paris Flea Market with Antiques Diva I met Toma Clark Haines three years ago at the High Point Market Antique and Design Center. Through different interior design industry events I grew to be close friends with The Diva herself, and when I decided to take a vacation to Paris I knew the flea market had to be one of my first stops. Upon telling the Diva the dates I would be in Paris, purely in hopes she would be passing through at the same time, I was swiftly put in touch with my amazing guide, Katie.

Katie arrived at my AirBnB in the 13th district of Paris off the Michel Bizot metro stop promptly at 8:30am as arranged by the Barbara the amazing office manager of AD&CO. Katie, my friend and I jumped in the electric rental and took off for the flea market. Once we arrived, Katie directed us to a delightful breakfast at a restaurant right in the heart of the market where we strategized on how to make the most of our day. We started at the high-end booths that showcased gorgeous midcentury furnishings and Murano chandeliers.

Midcentury Furniture and Murano Chandelier at the Paris Flea MarketObviously, I had to make a stop at the fashion booth to visit an amazing dealer that The Diva had told me about several months before.

Vintage fashion at the Paris Flea MarkeWith my mind racing over the gorgeous inspirational mix of antiques and vintage items I had just seen, we walked into an open air part of the flea market. At this point, it was around 11am pair of 18th century beds at the Paris Flea Marketand Katie told us we were making great time through the market and all of the vendors in the area we were heading to should now be open!

It was in this area that I saw a pair of twin beds which took my breath away! This pair of 18th-century beds were hand carved and painted with gold flaked details and luxurious red velvet drapery.

After gazing at the beds for about an hour and trying to figure out if I could sell my car, belongings, move back into my mother’s home and fit these two beauties into my suitcase, Katie and I pushed on into the rest of this gorgeous booth and found another breathtaking twin bed frame and absolutely amazing mirrors!


antique beds and mirrors at the Paris Flea MarketOnce we left another booth that made my heart swoon we walked through a wonderful area with tables and tables of beads, hardware and other wonderful grab-and-go items that made wonderful gifts for my friends back in the states! 

beads & hardware at the Paris Flea MarketAs my first trip the Paris Flea Market wound down Katie took me into a storefront that has changed what my idea of #goals means! The wonderful Daisy, owner of Marc Mason, welcomed us into her store and made us feel as though we were family. Katie and she spoke in French, at best I could blurt out “Merci” when they would look to me which of course was met with a joyous laughter. The storefront was breathtaking but it was when we entered the basement that I was absolutely speechless, in both languages. These fireplace mantels changed the game!

shopping for antique fireplace mantels at the Paris Flea MarketThen I almost spit out my champagne when I saw the one that brought me to tears.

Once Katie pried me from the basement we did another sweep through some artist areas of the flea market. Of course, many of these artists wouldn’t let me take any photo’s for understandable reasons but I have to say that the volume of original art at this flea market was amazing!

At this point in the day Katie, my friend and I grabbed a drink before leaving, this is another point when I discovered an amazing drink, Aperol Spritz. Brendan Von Enck's favorite antique fireplace mantel at the Paris Flea Market I must say that my day at the Paris Flea Market will always be one for the record book! I look forward to my next trip to France and can only hope that I run into the Toma!  

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Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva