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top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>Through my step mother, The Queen of Oklolo Ranch, I just discovered “Divas – The Site.” In particular I was turned onto their Greeting Cards website where, with a few clicks, you can send free diva-inspired greeting e-cards to your friends and loved ones!

The Diva Site, which is filled with 1000’s of famous faces, writes about their site:

“Half of the population of our planet are women and consequently, half of the famous faces seen on the screen and in concert halls throughout this century are women. Wonderful voices and superb acting techniques, not to mention beautiful faces, abound. But who are the tiny minority who can be considered as true divas? What sets these women above all others in their particular fields? What has happened to these women to entitle them to the status of diva?

Obviously everyone has different criteria for bestowing the title of diva on their own chosen few. Our criteria (and it is that which counts as this is our site!) are simple – extraordinary glamour, mystery, a liberal sprinkling of tragedy and most of all endurance throughout the years. These are women who will never be forgotten and whose image can be conjured up immediately by the mere mention of a name, song or movie.”

To all you Diva’s (and Divo’s) out there – I encourage you to take time to browse this site when you’re looking for a little divalicious surfing and trivia fun!

Happy New Year!

The Antiques Diva™

Chicago – International Spring Antiques Fair

top:2px;padding-right:5px;font-family:times;”>You know I love living in Europe, but sometimes it seems I am on “the wrong side of the pond” at the wrong time! This week, April 25 – 28, Chicago is hosting The Merchandise Mart International Spring Antiques Fair, which is considered to be one of the top antique fairs in the USA and with the dollar weak and euro strong I am certain I could cash in on some genuine treasures if only I were there instead of here! Fortunately Spring has arrived in Holland and the sun has begun to show itself with some regularity, but right now as I write this blog, it’s raining cats & dogs and I’d give anything to be visiting my friend La Reine’s Chicago “pied a terre” right now!

I love Chicago! The lake, the skyscrapers, the shopping, the musical, the music group…. Mere mention of stuffed pizza brings me back to my husband’s corporate apartment his company kept for him on the Gold Coast while we were living in ton/summary/” target=”_blank”>Boston and he was commuting each week to the Midwest for meetings in tower.com/” target=”_blank”>The Sears Tower. But enough about me, you want to hear about this fantabulous antiques fair going on in Chicago this weekend! More than 130 vendors from around the globe will storm Chicago, bringing with them Asian Antiques, Decorative Arts, Folk Art, Furniture, Jewelry, Paintings, Rare Books, Maps & Silver… Pretty much it’s guaranteed that at The Merchandise Mart Spring International Antiques Fair you’ll find everything but the kitchen sink — and who knows, perhaps you’ll find that there too! Some of the best vendors in Europe (including a few from the torique/Default.htm” target=”_blank”>Puce de Paris as well as a LAPADA) are making the trip and setting up shop for a few days in the USA! If you’re feeling sad, bummed that you’re going to miss out on this event, don’t fear. It’s coming back to Chicago this Fall – October 3 – 6, 2008!

Hmm… I guess I’d best run. All this talk of Chicago has my stomach growling and I think instead of making dinner tonight I might just order takeout pizza and pretend I’m back in the good ole USofA! Before I dash, I’ve one last tip — Just today Country Home magazine sent out their weekly newsletter and they’ve an excellent article packed full of great Chicago addresses of one-of-a-kind antique shops & boutiques. If you’re heading to the fair this weekend, you might want to print & bring along this perfect guide for a weekend away!

Until next time,

The Antiques Diva™